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Application advantages of LED display on the stage

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
In recent years, LED display screens have become more and more widely used in the field of digital stage beauty. There are many concert stages, TV column stages, or New Year’s The designers used it heartily to maximize its effect. Not only the stage effect, but also widely used in government plazas, leisure plazas, civilized plazas, large cultural plazas, commercial centers, advertising information boards, commercial streets, railway stations, airports, bus stations, passenger terminals, subways, shopping malls , Supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, banks, securities markets, auction houses, shopping malls, media centers and other places. In recent years, outdoor LED displays have shown a rapid development trend. The unique communication value created by outdoor LED displays allows other traditional outdoor media Beyond the dust, it has now become the business card of many cities in the new era, and has acted as a carrier to show the city's commercial vitality and endorse the city's modern spirit. However, with the continuous expansion of the scope of LED display applications and the more mature display technology, the simple display function can no longer meet the growing diverse needs of customers. In the field of LED display applications, a new term-multi-screen interaction has appeared. . The screen display is no longer just mobile, but the content can be displayed synchronously between multiple screens, and information can be shared. Multi-screen interaction has become a market trend for outdoor LED large-screen displays to meet the all-round needs of users. Facing the changes in the outdoor large-screen display market environment 1. Brilliant backgrounds help performances. When the led display screen is not used on the stage, the most used on the stage is the curtain, and this kind of curtain is static, and the scenes that can be presented are also very limited. In the previous impression, every time the performance started, there would be a staff behind the scenes slowly kicking off the curtain, and then the actors posing behind the curtain, and behind the curtain there was a scene corresponding to the content of the performance. This is the earliest stage scene application. Until later, with the advent of the LED display, this situation was changed, but in the early stage, the function of the LED display was relatively simple, instead of the setting function, it was mainly to show video data and act as a screen. The LED stage screen is used to a certain stage, its function is more perfect, and its role on the stage is also more prominent. Not only as a stage background, its flexible and changeable image and the program complement each other and bring many beautiful feelings to the audience. 2. Lights and shadows change to set off the atmosphere. In traditional stage design, the actors are moving and the background is static. Each static is moving. The performance of the actor brings the audience the most intuitive experience, and the background does not bring the audience a beautiful enjoyment. Different sensory experience. However, in the use of led display screens, the led display screens will play images that match the program, and then match the corresponding music to enhance the atmosphere of the scene. The pictures created by the led display screen are delicate and lifelike, more impactful than the actual scenery, and through the changes of related pictures, it will bring more feelings and inspiration to the audience. Let the audience get more sensory experience outside of the performance, and then affect the audience's heart changes, so that the audience will have a sense of being there and pity the same. The distance between the audience and the actors is closer, enabling a deeper level of communication. 3. Flexible and changeable situation. In stage performance, different scenes are needed to fit different programs. The traditional setting obviously cannot meet this demand. The biggest advantage of LED display is its flexibility. With the continuous maturity of technology, led display screens have become clearer and more stable in performance. More flexible and changeable scene changes can be realized, and the screen switching can be completed in an instant; through technical means, any display effect can be achieved, the display screen is clear, the content is rich, and the effect is lifelike. It not only brings beauty to the audience, but also brings out the superb acting skills of the actors. For example, on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, the use of led display screens fully displays this situational unity. In the Spring Festival Gala 2012, led display screens played an important role. Not only the stage has changed, but the T-shaped structure has been extended to the audience. Seat. Led displays have been widely used in the Spring Festival Gala. Holographic LED screens are used on the ground, ceiling, front and sides of the stage. The arbitrary rise and fall of the LED light and the pattern of the LED ground echo each other, forming a gorgeous and beautiful picture. When Yang Liping’s performance of the peacock opens for a moment, perhaps most people will be shocked by the picture, admiring the dancer’s dance skills while marveling at the beauty of the picture. Not only is the dancer’s dance skills conquering the audience, but also the digital stage beauty effect. Let 'The Love of Birds' impress people in people's minds. This is the effect of situational unity, creating a beautiful visual effect that shocks the eye. The stage screen is dazzling and dazzling. It can show the beauty of the stage in all directions. Together with the actors, it presents a perfect visual feast for the audience.
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