Application and technical principle of LED interactive floor tile screen|LED floor tile screen|led s

Application and technical principle of LED interactive floor tile screen|LED floor tile screen|led screen

by:XY Screens     2021-10-07
As a new type of stage display equipment, LED floor tile screens are widely used in-hotels-bars-weddings-large concerts and event theme parks. The appearance of LED floor tiles screens is exquisite and high-end, with scientific design, and uses high-quality aluminum alloys, advanced electronic ceramics and other materials for heat conduction. , Heat dissipation, with brand-new digital technology as the core, microcomputer full digital processing, advanced circuit protection equipment, widely used in building lighting, curtain walls, residential areas, commercial squares, bridges, highways and other architectural lighting; human landscapes, gardens, tourism Landscape decoration and lighting of scenic spots; bars, KTV, etc., product launches, catwalk shows. Stage performances, evening parties, concert decorations, advertisements, media decorations, etc. The LED floor tile color screen is a novel digital ground display device that uses video synchronization control to achieve high-resolution soft color display effects, completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; it uses high-strength steel Glass mask, strong die-cast aluminum alloy support device, load-bearing capacity of more than 1 ton, strong impact resistance, can be directly stepped on; the modular design of quick disassembly and assembly, and the excellent protective structure can realize seamless connection and random combination. This product is suitable for various forms of performance stage. Product features of LED interactive floor tile screen Adopting mute heat dissipation structure design and intelligent induction design. Technical principle of LED interactive floor tile screen 1. The multimedia interactive system consists of an image motion capture device, a data transceiver, a data processor and an LED floor tile screen. 2. The image motion capture device realizes the capture and collection of participant images and motion data. 3. The function of the data transceiver is to realize the express transmission of data back and forth between motion captures. 4. The data processor is the core part that realizes the real-time interaction between participants and various effects. It analyzes and processes the collected images and motion data, and realizes the combined processing with the inherent data in the processor. The first part: signal motion capture, motion capture according to the needs of the activity, the capture device is an LED floor tile screen with a thermal sensor. The second part: The data transceiver collection system transmits the signals taken by each LED floor tile screen module sensor to the data processor. The third part: The data processor analyzes and processes the sent signals, and the generated data scenes are connected to the system. The fourth part: the display part of the LED floor tile screen, the virtual data and the virtual scene data are returned to the LED floor tile screen after the completion of the docking, and the LED screen can realize the virtual scene screen.
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