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arduino laser projector + control app

by:XY Screens     2019-12-01
Download: github.
Com/stanleyondrusstanley project.
There are two categories of ComLaser projectors.
They either use a diffraction glass/foil projection pattern or have a system that moves the laser beam in the direction of the XY axis.
The second option usually looks better because the pattern to be projected can be programmed.
In the first case, the laser beam is diffraction and projecting a static image, and in the second case, the laser is still composed of only one beam, moving very fast.
If this movement is fast enough, we will see it as a pattern because of the continuity of vision (POV).
This is usually done by having two vertical mirrors, each of which is able to move the laser beam on one axis.
By combining them, the laser beam can be positioned to an accurate position.
For professional applications, mirror scanners are usually used.
Some of these scanners can do 60 kpps (
Kg points per second).
This means that they can position the laser beam to 60000 different positions in 1 second.
This creates a very smooth projection without stroboscope.
However, they are really expensive.
I have used the stepping motor, it is cheap, not so fast.
The laser draws the pattern by winding it over and over at a very high speed.
Sometimes, multiple parts of the pattern are not connected together.
In this example, each letter is separate, but when the laser moves from one letter to another, it generates an unwanted line.
This is solved by a technology called blanking.
The whole idea behind it is that when moving from one mode to another, the laser is switched.
This is by a high
The speed control unit that needs to be synchronized with the scanning system.
In the list below, you can find the components I use and the link I purchased them.
Then you can find some materials and tools at home. Hopefully ; )
The aluminum plate needs to be cut into a suitable shape and bent.
Then the hole was drilled and the pedometer was installed.
The motor shield has a small prototype area for two small circuits.
We want to control our laser with Arduino.
However, we need to limit the current flowing into the laser and drive the laser directly from the digital output pin, which is not a good idea.
I already have current protection for my laser module.
So I only built a simple circuit in which the transistor turns the laser on and off.
The spinner can adjust the base current and control the brightness of the laser.
Mirror calibration photodiodes are placed in the hole of the central axis just above the x axisaxis stepper. Pull-
In order to obtain accurate measurements, the down resistance circuit is necessary.
On time, we read the value from the photoelectric diode, when the value exceeds a specific value (
Laser directly into the inside)
The Walker stopped to return home.
Put the whole circuit into the plastic junction box and tighten it with screws.
The entire projector is very portable and we have a laser show just by plugging in the power and switching the switch.
The control application is made in C, allowing to switch between modes, adjust the speed, and view the current action.
Free download with Arduino code (see Intro).
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