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Are there any major differences within Projector screens?

Are there any major differences within Projector screens?


Have you ever noticed that a product with the same specification and almost identical in performance are priced differently if they are from various brands? The differences are so minimal and sometimes they are even negligible but the price difference is too high. There is a big variation in the cost of each product and no one exactly knows the reason for the difference. If you ask the salesman or the shop owner you will get an answer which is not very convincing but you have no other choice but to accept it. Their typical answer is because there are some basic changes in the model and or they will end up saying that the reason for the difference in the price is because of the brand.

If you take out some time and do a little bit of research on the Internet then you will find many articles which state that the picture quality does not depend upon the quality of the screen but that of the projector lenses. So it does not matter whether you go for a cheap projector an expensive projector screen the picture quality will be the same. You will also find that there are many who say the quality of the picture will be the same if you see it in a projector screen or watch the images on a wall which painted white. These points are backed with examples and facts that was supporting the claims in the article.

After reading that article you might almost give up the idea of researching for a good custom projector screen but then if you do some more research to see whether there are any difference at all that you could find between various types of projector screens.

And if yes then what are they and is it really worth investing in custom projector screens?

A bit of research from your side and what you find will be really interesting and might make you more determined to go for a custom projector screen instead of any projector screen.

So what are the points or factors that can actually convince you to go for a custom projector screen? Before we proceed with the discussion let me tell you that these differences are very generic differences and you can easily make them out and you really do not need to be an expert on the projector screen.


So the differences are as follows

Resolution of the screen- It is hard to believe that a pain simple white screen can bring a difference in the resolution of the image or the picture. But the fact is that they do as they produce images or pictures that are sharper and clearer than other screens.

Brightness/Reflectivity- The ability to reflect light differs from screen to screen. Don’t go by the theory book that says that brightness depends upon the gain rating of the screen but in reality, it has been seen that there have been screens which have shown wonderful reflectivity and brightness even when their gain rating has been shown on the lower side.

Contrast-A screen can either complement or impair the contrast performance of their projector. So don’t just think that the contrast of a picture depends wholly on the projector is totally wrong. You need to make sure that the screen is complementing the contrast of the projector or else your picture or the image will not have the desired clarity. If your image is not sharp and the color contrast of your picture is not good then do not blame your projector or try to change the resolution of your projector. It can also be due to the type of screen that you are using and the culprit might be the screen. Isn’t this enough for you to buy a custom projector screen? Here is just some food for thought for all our readers out there.

Color accuracy - Why is a white screen used for watching images or picture in a projector? That is because white is the only color which is neutral to all the other colors. To be more specific all the colors can be seen and viewed impartially and in the same brightness and contrast in a white screen. But it has been noticed that there is some screen that, in spite being which shows some biases towards colors. And it results in the difference in the shades of color and unclear pictures or shoddiness in the images. Many people think this is due to wrong settings in their projectors, but actually, it because of their projector screen and not because of their projector settings.

Build quality- For some this might not be a matter of concern when it comes to comparing this point to the point of picture quality.

But when you look at the overall picture an unfinished dented frame or scratched or rough edges or screen with low-quality material doesn’t really give a good overall look to the projector screen.

These are generic differences that I have noticed that can actually bring a big difference in the image or picture quality due to the difference in the screen. And if you are having to pay a bit more for covering up these points then I feel that it is worth paying that extra price.

If you are a fan of using a projector for viewing the movie and want to enjoy your classical movie collection in your projector then you cannot just ignore the projector screen quality. You cannot just say that a screen is just the reflection of what is being projected by the projector. That is because if the quality of the reflection is not good then the image or picture quality will automatically not be good.

So the next time you go to buy a projector screen then do not get shocked if you see a projector screen of the same model coming in a different price range. Now you know as to what is the cause of the difference in the price and why it is important to keep a note of all these basic factors at least while going to purchase a projector screen.

And that is why people plan to buy a custom projector screen and not just any ordinary screen. You pay a high price for a product for a reason and more often than not the reason for the high price is the image perfection and picture quality.

So what do you think, is there an ROI when you buy a projector which is slightly higher in price and is actually a custom projector screen?

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