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arkansas laser company slated to launch movie projector

by:XY Screens     2019-12-25
Power Technology Company, a home-
The Arkansas company, which has been using lasers for 50 years to do innovative things, has prepared for its cinema. up.
Alexander is still producing the first product it has developed, the first portable laser used to lay sewage pipes, but its products have entered all areas from space vehicles to medical devices.
Now, its laser technology is designed to bring movie audiences back to the cinema.
Founded by Thomas Burgess and led by his sons Walter and William, PTI specializes in precision instruments for missile navigation, blood and DNA testing, and protection of service members from anthrax infection.
But Walter Burgess
The president of laser-sales and engineering, the latest product of PTI, said
The Illumina-based movie projector will be the foundation of a derivative company temporarily called CinemaLaser.
\"We will position it as an investment or acquisition,\" Burgess told Arkansas business . \".
\"We will look for investors and even sell the department.
Burgess said: \"The advantage of the new projector is that it improves the quality of the image while using less power, saving the money of the theater owner. He called the project a branch of the military\'s early work.
In 2012, power technology took on a $1 million project with the United States. S.
The Navy makes a laser without \"spots\", which is an unwelcome particle pattern in the laser.
At the same time as eliminating the spots, the workers created a laser that emitted brighter light than xenon bulbs, which is considered to be the \"golden standard\" for image projectors \".
So the team is determined to make a better laser projector than xenon
While maintaining the cost, the bulb system
Effective for theater owners.
The system can help theaters that have been plagued by box office declines since the 2000 s, with audiences increasingly staying at home to watch streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, with box office declines even bigger.
\"The Cinema stopped investing and the movies and TV that can be bought from Home became better,\" Walter Burgess told Arkansas business . \".
\"What we see is the knee --
The jerk reaction to trying to get people back into the movie, \"including features like reclining and heating seats, alcohol and food services,\" and a technical demonstration of trying to reverse the trend, he said.
The goal of PTI is to give people a reason to go to the movies and make the cinema experience better than the audience watching at home.
\"We want them to leave the theater with this strong sense of satisfaction because it\'s a great story, but they also have a great experience,\" Burgess said . \".
The starting price of the Illumina projector is $60,000, and for a very small screen, for a premium large screen, the starting price can be up to $250,000.
\"The format screen is equivalent to the IMAX screen,\" Burgess said . \".
Xenon projectors range from $40,000 for small screens to $400,000 for premium screensformat screen.
Burgess listed the selling points of the laser projector.
First, the laser projector can reduce energy use by half compared to the xenon bulb projector, and the laser service life generated by PTI is 30,000 hours, estimated to be five to seven years.
The xenon bulb costs about $1,000 and has a service life of 1,000 hours.
A typical exhibition day in the United StatesS.
The theater is 12 hours.
This means that the bulb needs to be replaced every three months.
Burgess said the headaches were solved with a laser projector.
Cinema is one of the many uses of laser
He also said amusement parks, planetarium and military simulations based on projection systems could also benefit from the technology.
\"There are 54 bulbs in a flight simulator;
\"It\'s a 54 chance that a light bulb goes out and destroys your training day,\" Burgess said . \".
\"Disney is canceling fireworks, but they are replacing them with lasers --
Based on prediction.
Burgess said: \"By using a laser as a light source to transition to a display, thousands of dollars can be saved.
In addition to the cost of xenon bulbs, amusement parks like Disney have additional costs, and when the bulbs go out, re-adjust their forecasts, the process can take about $10,000.
The company said Illumina also provided greater image clarity and color intensity than xenon bulbs.
Illuminess said that Illumina used hundreds of red, green and blue lasers to make a white version of the studio, providing the ideal color saturation for movie viewing.
A laser projector like Illumina produces a wider color range than a xenon bulb-Based on the projector.
Illumina produces a higher percentage of colors that humans can perceive, higher
Hd TV or movie screenings using xenon bulbs.
To demonstrate its system, PTI installed two Illumina projectors at Ron Robinson Theatre in Little Rock, inviting projector manufacturers and other potential customers to view image quality.
Burgess did not specify how many of their projectors were installed, nor did he specify which company participated in the Demo Day, but some delegates watched the demonstrations at four projectors in the film, Sony, Barco, Christie and NEC.
PTI, 25,000-
SF tower and 12,000-
Near Southwest Little Rock, Shunfeng avoided revealing how many employees he had, but it has been building a team to prepare for the new company.
\"The word I used, we are spinning it out,\" he said . \".
\"The process has begun and we are just waiting for a lawyer.
From: information on the AP member exchange shared by Arkansas Business and Arkansas business.
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