ASK engineering machine hand in hand with the projection screenthe pinnacle of engineering, the best

ASK engineering machine hand in hand with the projection screen'the pinnacle of engineering, the best of film and television

by:XY Screens     2021-10-08
On August 24, 2012, the 'Top of Engineering, Film and Television' experience held jointly by the famous European brand ASK Project Projector and the famous domestic brand SNOWHITE screen was grandly opened in the Ai Lihua Hotel, Haidian District, Beijing. This experiential exhibition was hosted by Shanghai Wanlu Group, the general agent of ASK engineering machines. The exhibition site introduced ASK's newly listed E2 series engineering machines, as well as newly developed 3D intelligent projection systems, rear projection fusion systems, and curved fusion screens. The free experience of the event, technical exchanges and other links have brought the audience a shocking visual impact of high-definition vision. The two major brands have joined forces to once again set off a revolution in high-definition vision! Many industry customers, distributors and media were invited to participate in this experience meeting. Qi Chaohui, ASK Product Manager of Shanghai Wanlu Group, Huang Zhiguang, General Manager of Wanlu Group Beijing Branch, Lin Yu, Technical Director of Wanlu Group, Yue, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Tianxiang, General Manager of Beijing Branch of the Company attended the meeting. , And shared with you the market, industry, and related project projection knowledge. The vice president of the company, Mr. Yue Biao, explained the knowledge of engineering screens at the scene of SNOWHITE fusion curved hard screen display site SNOWHITE rear projection fusion hard screen display site
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