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asus s1 review: pretty pico pocket projector

by:XY Screens     2019-11-28
Asus S1 is called \"Pocket Projector \".
\"As the name may suggest, it has no item pocket (
It\'s cool now).
However, it is a projector that you can put more or less in your pocket.
I like pocket projectors.
You can create a big idea.
There\'s a sci on the screen almost anywhere-fi, we-live-in-the-
The atmosphere of the future.
Although they look cool, the reality is more mundane.
Every generation is better, though, and Asus S1 is one of the newest products.
Looks cool too.
So they all look cool, but the Asus S1 is actually quite attractive.
It has a brushed metal finish that stands out among the smooth plastic brothers.
About the size of Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV: just over 4-
A few inches on one side, a little higher.
There is an HDMI input on the back (with MHL)
Headphone output and USB output.
The latter makes S1 mid-
Charge your device with its internal 6,000 mAh battery (
A bit slow, output only 1A).
It\'s a cool little feature.
But since it\'s just an output, you can\'t read the file directly from the USB drive.
There are four buttons at the top for navigating the internal menu with contrast and brightness control.
They also control the volume and \"wonderful\" which is basically just a picturemode toggle (
Find fun in the owner\'s manual, when running out of battery, press the brilliant button several times in a row and S1 becomes a flashlight).
When plugged in, there are two screen modes: cinema and standard.
There are two different modes when draining the battery: dimmer battery mode and demo mode.
The only other buttons/switches are the power button, focus wheel and lens cover slides.
Specs and suchA 200 lumens ratings may not look much, especially when many $500 projectors are 3,500 lumens or more, but that\'s too much in the pocket projector category.
We will understand what this brightness means in the performance section below.
The resolution is 854 by 480 from a single DLP to a digital device, which is roughly the same DVD.
Not in HD, but at least 16x9.
The internal speaker is powered by a 2-watt amplifier.
Asus claims that the internal battery runs for 3 hours or 90 minutes in demo mode.
There is no zoom, so in order to get a larger or smaller image, you need to move the projector further or closer to the screen.
Give you a general idea, design a 60-
Inch diagonal image, S1 needs to be around 4. 7 feet away.
Project 100
Like, it takes about 7. 8 feet away.
Luccei runs S1 in all the steps I have to install any projector.
Most of my tests are looking at how S1 works when it comes to displaying videos, but most of them translate into how it works as a demo device.
The most impressive thing about Asus is its light output . . . . . .
It\'s bright for pico projectors, but that\'s not to say too much.
I measure all the projectors on 102. inch 1.
Stewart screen 0 gain.
This may be larger than the projector you usually use, but it keeps my measurements consistent.
S1 sent out a respectable one when plugged into cinema mode-for-a-pico 3. 93 foot-lamberts.
From an angle, the output power of most \"real\" projectors is about 30 fL and the average LCD output power is about 60 fL (or more).
At the cinema, you may be around 15. So 3.
93 is not a lot, but it is perfectly observable in a dark room.
I would recommend a slightly smaller screen, though.
When you reduce the size of the screen, the light is concentrated and therefore brighter. So on a 80-
Inch screen, you will be around 6 fL at 60-
You can do it around 11.
Why do I say this is \"bright \"?
\"Well, it is compared to other pico projectors.
I \'ve seen two recently, 3 m Streaming Projector and Innoio Smart Beam, both of which are cool for different reasons.
On my screen, put 1 in 3 m. 95 fL.
So the same money, S1 is almost twice as much as it is, though you will get a 3 m Roku Streaming Stick
Innoio is one of the coolest shapes in any projector I \'ve ever seen (a tiny cube), put out 1. 66 fL.
These other projectors are not so serious about performance, but it gives you an idea of the category.
S1 is brighter in standard mode: 5 fL.
The mode is good for the demo, but it has a green color that makes it less suitable for the movie.
In this price range, the contrast is similar to other DLP projectors, about 930: 1.
This is not very good compared to full
The projector is even the size of most TVs, but that is average for categories (
Contrast is the most important aspect of the performance of the display, and if you\'re curious, look at the contrast: or the lies each TV manufacturer has with you. )
As you would expect, running out of the battery will reduce the light output.
It only outputs 1 in standard mode.
97, 3 fL in the demo.
Because it is not difficult to move the projector (
It\'s in your hand)
, You can always make the screen a little smaller if you need a brighter image.
In the world of 480 p and 720 p projectors, the resolution is 1080 p, not very high.
So it does look soft when watching the video.
However, this is not as bad as the numbers show.
When there is white text on the black background, the low resolution is most obvious (
Just like browsing the menu of Apple TV).
Then you can see the blocks of pixels.
It\'s not great to read smaller text due to low resolution.
Letters need to be quite large, keep this in mind if you need to use it for a PowerPoint presentation.
If S1 has a problem with the video, that\'s the color accuracy.
All three primary colors (
Red, green, blue)
All three secondary colors (
Yellow, cyan and magenta)
Ultra-saturated and off HD video specifications.
So everything has a slightly unrealistic color.
The lips look more purple, the Green looks too green, etc.
3 m, though inaccurate, is much more accurate than s1.
The picture of Asus looks nothing wrong, but it just doesn\'t look right either.
I watched a variety of shows on S1, including HD and SD, and found them well worth watching.
Yes, the color looks a bit out of place, but it\'s not a deal breaker given the price and size.
I know some people want to make a micro projector in a small theater, but I\'m not sure if they\'re there.
Maybe the next generation (hopefully)
Twice the light output and better color accuracy.
S1 is great for some casual viewing, occasional big screen experience, or something when traveling.
The conclusion is that the price of Asus S1 is slightly higher than $300, which is a huge deal.
Its price is roughly the same as other pocket projectors, but it is brighter and more attractive in design and can be doubled as a battery pack for mobile phones.
The USB connection is not input either, which is too bad, but it\'s not a big deal for many uses.
Go to a small home theater or buy a battery
Hungry warrior, S1 is really cool. S1: $319Asus.
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