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at slumtorials, cctv cameras are new class monitors | mumbai news - times of india

by:XY Screens     2020-03-02
Mumbai: It\'s hard to miss this strange place.
Video surveillance is usually done to monitor what happens at random. on.
However, the counseling center in the city\'s shantytowns is installing CCTV cameras to record countless hours of tutoring.
It turns out that this technique finds it difficult for a female teacher to act as class monitor in a space where discipline is instilled in noisy students and male teachers, while also being challenged the same way that they cannot
Thus, the camera makes regulation simpler and time is not wasted in the argument of who hit the ball first or who took the firecrackers to class.
Whether it\'s monitoring children or teachers, or making sure to tackle small theft at our level, CCTV cameras have a lot of benefits, says Deepak Gadi, owner Ashirwad Kandivli hanumanbanger\'s slum area.
Gadi talked about those who violated the rules and brought their mobile phones to the classroom, as well as the protection of children from sexual violations act, and at his jarreadi (hut)
This is a tutorial for the day.
When I hire teachers, I look at their academic qualifications and teaching abilities.
When I enroll students, I know they have to learn.
But it is often not what people want most.
With the camera, everyone is a little worried about doing anything incorrect.
Slums have appeared in every corner of the city, and a large number of admissions have been recorded.
Located above the tailor shop or slaughter shop, restaurant or clothing store, the rent is very low, these counseling centers are mostly single classroom entities, and the walls are covered with smooth white tiles similar to the public urinals.
Recently, cameras and projectors connected to mobile phones and laptops have also been installed indoors.
On a tutoring class in Mount antopu, separating the class from the kitchen is a blackboard with hinges on a wall.
A stick is used to pull down a plastic sheet, which acts as a projector screen when a concept in science has to be explained from a video hosted on YouTube.
Above the plastic sheet are two huge cameras that can monitor students. âx80x9cEarlier, 20-
25 minutes an hour-
Because the students will fight, the long class will be wasted.
If I complain to their parents, they will blame each other.
The owner, Gayatri Dwivedi, said that with the camera now, I showed the footage to my parents and asked them to make sure their children behave in class.
The camera makes life easier.
I can have students take exams and sometimes I take care of my children and watch the lessons from the monitor behind the blackboard.
As the cameras get cheaper, most of the people in the slum say that installing the system doesn\'t squeeze them.
As more and more classes come to the slums, we see a cottage industry that keeps up with the latest developments.
Prajesh Trotsky said that having a camera can not only ensure the safety of students, but also the safety of teachers, consultants from several slum coaching classes and secretaries from the Maharashtra coaching class Owners Association.
It must be understood that most of the staff and students are from the same slum, which often witness minor fighting and crime.
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