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Audiovisual industry product exchange and training meeting

by:XY Screens     2021-08-20
On August 8, 2014, the first stop of the audio-visual industry product exchange and training conference hosted by AVglobals Global Audio-visual Network, Huizhou Station, ended smoothly. Well-known companies such as Zhongying Technology, 3D Movie Screen, Baru Blu-ray Player, and Syvto will gather in Huizhou to experience the new realm of audio-visual products, understand the latest products and technology trends of audio-visual enterprises, and learn from the increasingly stimulating competition. Strong muscles and bones. Managing Director and Deputy General Manager Zhang Yazhou Before the brand display, Zhou Jianjun, Vice President of AVglboals Global Audiovisual Network, addressed the meeting. Savitu’s representative Liu Li, managing director and deputy general manager Zhang Yazhou, and Shenzhen Xuting Technology Marketing Manager Huang Manager, etc. exchanged experiences and discussed the development of the audio-visual industry. In order to invigorate the atmosphere of the venue, a WeChat lottery was also interspersed during the exchange meeting. Participants were active and enthusiastic, which increased the popularity of the event. 3D movie screen-all the wonderful things in life are worth having. According to technical personnel, the 3D dedicated movie screen displayed in this experience has the following characteristics: imported flexible high-definition screen, low reflection, high contrast, is a new generation of home video upgrade screen. Its fine and uniform optical structure makes the picture clear and natural. The flocked aluminum alloy frame is fashionable and trendy, easy to install, and there are a variety of outer frame colors to choose from. Excellent sound penetration, can perfectly integrate audio and video, and reproduce the perfect audio-visual enjoyment. It can meet the needs of different fields, such as: home theater, small theater and so on. The 3D effect of 'Avatar' displayed on the spot allows the experiencer to truly experience us from the stars. It is worth noting that AVglboals Global Audio-visual initiated and organized this audio-visual industry product exchange and training project, aiming to provide many audio-visual industry manufacturers with a platform for product display, new product release, audio-visual professional technical training and promotion. At the same time, it creates an opportunity for companies to have close communication and dialogue, help companies discover new business opportunities, open up new markets, promote a win-win model, and finally achieve a strong alliance and bring Chinese companies to the world market.
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