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Automakers Eye Laser Lights To Let Drivers See Farther At Night

by:XY Screens     2020-02-21
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If you think the LED headlights are bright enough, the car maker is looking forward to using a laser to send out a more powerful beam of light.
BMW has started producing laser headlights as an optional feature for its new plug
The i8 hybrid is expected to be available in Europe this summer.
The energy of the lamp is greater
Some researchers say laser technology is the next step in lighting after led.
There is no news about the United States. S.
Although the company is working with the United States, it has releasedS.
The Ministry of Transport received technical approval.
The headlights don\'t actually emit a laser.
Laser Irradiation of fluorescent phosphorus substances inside the headlights produces an extremely bright white light 10 times stronger than the traditional light source, while improving energy efficiency by more than 30% of the LEDs, BMW said.
Let the driver see further in the evening to make it safer, pre-
The development of BMW lighting.
\"It makes the night more like the day,\" he said . \"
Of course, bright headlights may not be a good thing for oncoming cars, deer or other animals crossing the road.
The new headlights are controlled by the camera, so if there is a car coming, the lights rotate and darken so that other drivers don\'t go blind, says Housman.
In addition, the car is equipped with an infrared system to remind drivers of people or pedestrians crossing the road.
Like LED headlights, says Thomas Plucinsky, BMW will start introducing laser headlights in larger, more expensive cars, and the technology will turn to other cars over time, communication Manager, BMW North America.
Plucinsky also said the problem of saving energy.
\"When we go to more electrified cars, any energy used to power the lights must come from somewhere,\" Plucinsky said . \".
\"It comes either from the fossil fuel you\'re burning or from the battery you\'re carrying, just like an electric car.
\"The laser light is the next natural evolution in the field of lighting,\" said Steve DenBaars.
Director, solid state lighting and Energy Center, University of California, Santa Barbara.
The laser can be closely focused, he explains, so the technology is useful even in street lights or projectors.
\"When you\'re doing a demo, you\'re trying to point a light on the screen and everyone uses a laser pointer.
\"You can\'t use the flash because it\'s not a point light source and the light will diverge,\" DenBaars said . \". \"[A laser light]
Put the lights where you want them.
You can imagine a bridge or tunnel illuminated with a laser.
\"DenBaars said that while some other companies have started using this technology, it may take 5 to 10 years for the popularization of lasers.
Audi will launch a prototype car with a laser in the United States. K.
In April, it showed a hybrid concept car with a laser at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.
LG has started selling 100-
Sony is expected to launch a laser projector this year.
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