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automotive headlight projector mod v1.2

by:XY Screens     2019-11-06
Outdated Mod: the projector mods I made are out of date at this time.
Projector with better optics, brightness and throw distance.
If you are looking for a projector for long term use with cheap bulbs like I did when doing this mod, I suggest you buy an LED based projector.
Using a light bulb-based projector, they provide superior brightness, rich color, and the most ridiculous long life.
The most important thing is that it is very cheap there.
Please check the LED projector from Amazon carefully.
Remember to find local resolution, brightness, enter and check user reviews before purchasing.
Considering that you can buy something new at a reasonable price, it is not worth the modification.
Cheap modified projector!
Simple use of 12 V car headlights and power supply.
The OEM replacement bulb for my projector cost about $300!
More money than I can buy my own projector.
The power I supplied to the original bulb was almost cooked.
With this guide you can use the car head bulb for about $15.
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Please note: This item has been added to please check my halogen lamp Projector model warning: This model includes power supply, projector modification, if you are not comfortable with moving at this level, don\'t try this mod.
The author is not responsible for any harm or damage caused by these instructions.
You need a headlight for this mod ($7)
Power Supply (
Old computer supplies are good for $5)
And some good gauge lines ($2)
Thin bare craft line ($1)
Tools such as pliers.
Oh, yes, a projector with a light bulb burnt out (E-bay).
First estimate the amount of space allocated by the normal bulb.
If you have a bulb, you have to find one that fits the bulb if possible.
The standard size of the car bulb is perfect for me.
Now you know what size bulbs you can buy. (
I recommend 9004 XV for Sylvania and others can do it too.
You need at least 110 watts).
This mod \"should\" work on all projectors that are able to install high-power headlights bulbs in areas that normally hold the original projector light.
Most newer projectors use a lamp holder with a light bulb and a non-conductive reflector.
You have to find a suitable bulb and insert it into the cartridge.
Most car bulbs are the sizes I use in my instructions.
Remember, you need a lot of light output, so it is recommended that the power be 110 at 12 v. (
High and Low Watt values).
The advantage of my projector MVP800 is that there are no cartridges.
It uses a glass bulb, shaped like a rod, with a ball in the middle.
Mirrors and lenses are part of the projector. (
In this picture, the circular reflector is turned off around the bulb and the witch has been removed from the projector)
Next, you will most likely have to remove the base that supports the actual glass bulb.
This is the most difficult part of the Defense Department.
When you remove the bulb from the base, you will want to wear gloves and use a lot of patience.
I broke the tip from the bottom of the base and then released the bulb from the metal bracket to the top of the base with a side cutter.
After loosening, I work the bulb thick leads back and forth until I can cut them at a reasonable distance.
You don\'t want to cut off the power to the bulb or you will ruin the bulb.
After extraction, you will need to use the docking connector to tightly connect the standard beam and the high beam to form a 12 v and connect the ground lead to the side of the projector.
There will be three or four clues.
Look through the glass for which leads will arrive and activate the regular and high beams at the same time.
I use the car connector so I can change the bulb if needed.
Connect the PC power supply to the bulb to connect the 12 v lead (yellow)
And ground (black)
Car bulb contacts.
You need to curl, Weld or use wire nuts because you need to handle a lot of power.
To power the bulb, you will either need a large power supply of 8 amps 12 v or use the old PC power supply.
If you are using a PC power supply, you will need to activate it manually or the hot wiring.
Here\'s a way: then you need to fix the bulb where you want it with a little thin line to get the best projection.
To keep the bulb cool, you also need to run the projector fan.
Optional: You may also need to reset the bulb timer.
One of this projector starts counting down from 2000, but there is no need to operate the projector.
Close the lid and turn on the power.
I can get a screen from eight to ten years old with this bulb.
Add a medium to large stereo system to the front or back of the room for the perfect theater experience.
Invite your friends and family to the movies.
Popcorn, have a drink and open your favorite one.
I chose this image to show how the projector mod will display the light and dark areas.
This image is displayed very well on the screen, but it is difficult to shoot with a digital camera.
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