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back to school technology roundup

by:XY Screens     2020-02-22
Does it feel like summer is just beginning?
It\'s time to go back to school.
Most children are afraid to hear these words, and most parents are looking forward to hearing them.
This has always been my favorite time of the year because there are so many new technology products on the market.
\"Back to School\" technology products are not just cool school supplies and gadgets.
There are many new products that can make everyone from teachers to executives more productive.
Returning to school time also means the company is starting to release their new exciting products for the holidays.
From virtual reality, drones to security cameras, 3D printers, these are incredible new products.
In this product review, I \'ve included smokers from the Labor Day BBQ to fun drones that will make everyone in the family more interesting.
Provide an affordable 4 k TV for your college students and educational games, which will keep everyone on their toes this academic year.
Why wait until the festival and spend money on new products?
Take a look at the great list of this exciting new device.
Featured laptop: Huawei MateBook D-I am a huge fan of Huawei products (
I like their phones)and this 15. 6-
Inch Notebook not disappointed.
This is the first lapper to launch Dolby Atmos sound system to provide an immersive sound experience through Dolby customization
Design and tune the speakers.
It is thin and light, and students of all ages can take this powerful computer to class every day.
The NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card is equipped with 2 GB GDDR5 Video memory to ensure an excellent working and entertainment experience.
Comes with Windows 10 Home and i5 processors, including office 365 for 1 year.
PhonesMoto e4 phones-there was a time when young students were not allowed to take their phones to school, but were no longer allowed to take their phones to school.
Now that our kids can have phones, we want to equip them with a phone that is powerful but not too expensive.
The 5 \"HD display and compact design of this ridiculously cheap smartphone are sure to impress.
Don\'t let the price fool you because the specs of this phone are five times the price.
It has a fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone immediately
Core processor and 4g speed.
Even in the case of low light, the camera allows you to take a clear picture.
Mobile batteries are becoming more and more rare in mobile phones, and it allows you to replace new batteries after a few years of use.
It also features a selfie flash and splashes.
BlackBerry KEYone-a friend of mine, who has long been a BlackBerry fan, has endured years of jokes for seemingly outdated phones.
He finally gave in to the iPhone, but it was a mistake.
He should have waited for the key to be reissued.
This phone features 4.
5 inch 1650x1080 pixel resolution display with Snapdragon 625 processor with 3 gb RAM, 12 pixel rear desk and 5 pixel front camera and long camera
Battery life is 3,505 mAh.
Of course, it has the BlackBerry standard full QWERTY keyboard. At $549.
99, it will definitely give the iphone money to run.
A few years ago, many parents were not in favor of putting a TV in the child\'s room because it was seen as an alternative to homework.
Today\'s generation of children may spend their time watching their favorite shows on the fly, but they are also likely to watch the school tutorials on YouTube on the 55 \"display hanging on the bedroom wall.
Hisense offers advanced HDR processing with unbeatable price tag with excellent picture quality built in
The latest entertainment shows include wireless, Netflix, Vudu movies and YouTube. The 65-
The Inch model retails for $899.
99, smaller size, lower price. TCL S-Series HD-TV (4K)
-While Samsung, Sony and Vizio may be more popular brands in the TV industry, brands like TCL are offering high
More affordable end 4 k models. TCL’s S-
Dolby visual HDR and enhanced front
Facing the Speaker, it provides excellent image quality and excellent sound.
Size from 28 \"HD display, perfect for kitchen countertops, 43\" Full HD model perfect for bedroom viewing, 65-inch 4 k HDR resolution to help make your living room the ultimate entertainment experience.
Featured backpack and BriefcasesMoleskine classic leather backpack-today\'s high school students are not happy to carry a $10 backpack with you, which you found when you bought school supplies at Target.
Today\'s students want to make a fashion statement with their backpacks.
Moleskine\'s elegant black leather classic backpack has several pockets to tidy up everything children need at school, including a padded device pocket that protects tablets or laptops.
If it\'s not your business to equip the kids with a leather backpack, try it out on your own business trip and see how many compliments you get.
Booq superlim 15-I\'m not leaving home without the booq shell that protects my Microsoft Surface Pro.
It is light in weight and comfortable to carry.
The Superlim 15 has proven to be the perfect companion for comfortable travel and daily commuting, and its padded lip inside the polyester fiber interior, feature pocket and laptop compartment protects the laptop.
It has the Terralinq lost and found service of booq and fiveyear warranty.
The 15-inch laptop profile of STM, filled with pockets, zippers and compartments, is ideal for storing laptops on campus.
The decisive feature of the judge is the trademark SlingTech technology of STM, which not only protects your digital device, but also hangs it above the bottom of the bag, laminated double density foam to keep it away from the impact zone.
The briefcase is also equipped with an innovative cable-ready cable-
The routing system that keeps you connected to the wires makes it easy to store the wires.
New York backpack-
Prepare your students for school with a 1-voice backpack.
This innovative backpack will make it easier to manage busy days.
Everything in the school is to work hard and stay focused and organized.
1 Voice backpack will make the school semester more smooth.
This wearable technology is built in.
Lithium at 11,000 mAH-
Enough ion charger to charge the phone 4 to 7 times!
Don\'t turn over to the bottom of your backpack for items. This high-
The quality backpack has many compartments for easy use, with brown, dark blue and black.
Beckman backpack-I didn\'t hear of Beckman backpack until this year, I was impressed.
These bags are filled with pockets, straps, and gear rings so your child can stay organized while going to school.
All kinds of colors and patterns can make children really express themselves.
Beckman in Norway
The company only produces flexible and safe schoolbags.
I can\'t believe this backpack is only $49. 95.
This fall, I will have a device like this for all my kids as they are sturdy, safe and look cool.
Ruck\'s rear pad laptop case can accommodate up to 15-
There is extra space in the rear compartment of the inch laptop, laptop, books, etc.
The second zip compartment comes with a soft
Inner-lining tablet case for protection of iPad or electronicsreader.
It also has pockets for storing pens, charging cables and clips to prevent key loss.
Most importantly, there are three Ruck-year warranty.
Tech products you will fall in love with this FallVaridesk laptop
This awesome standing table will keep you moving all day to help you stay relaxed.
The compact design is perfect for any space, and it can adjust many Heights with nine different height adjustments.
The thin working face is 30 inch wide and is the ideal size for a laptop or tablet.
Most importantly, it\'s fully assembled and ready to go out of the box.
Mighty-I was very excited when I got to know Mighty because it really filled the gap in the music playing space.
Play your Spotify music-the-
Leave without a phone call
It works with Spotify Premium and is paired with Bluetooth headsets and speakers.
It has more than a thousand songs and has a battery life of up to 5 hours. It’s also drop-and water-resistant.
Logitech MK850-I have only used Logitech keyboards for years.
I found them comfortable, responsive and quiet.
With MK850, your keyboard does not require a new battery for 36 months, and your mouse remains powered for 24 months.
You can connect to your device wirelessly via Logitech unified USB receiver or Bluetooth pairing.
The best part is that you can perfectly switch from typing on a computer to a tablet, with just one button touch and the mouse paired with up to 3 devices for seamless multitasking. Only $99.
Monolith barbecue master version grill 99-
This is the most advanced ceramic charcoal grill and smoker on the market.
CyberQ Cloud did the job for you and eliminated the guesswork of knowing when your food was done. With built-
In the food ready alarm and automatic oven-
Just like controlling a smoker, you can set it up and forget about it-it\'s that simple.
With CyberQ cloud, you can control your chef with your voice and enjoy automatic temperature control, social sharing, and more.
Genius Pack in the air-On – Carry-
Things on the suitcase turned into technology.
Full of \"genius\" features, this includes Genius Pack\'s innovative laundry compression technology to drain unwanted air through an integrated air valve.
Clean Clothes never touch dirty clothes, and at the end of the trip, the removable laundry bag is easily pulled up to clean.
Aerial photography allows you to have enough space to stay organized-
Save the visual inventory of compartments and integrations for thinkingfree packing.
It costs only $179 in matte white and black. 99. www. geniuspack. comT-
Fal pressure cooker-this pressure cooker costs less than $100 on Amazon.
Once you use it, you won\'t believe the deal.
It quickly became my favorite device in the kitchen to quickly prepare lunch and dinner for the kids.
It has 12 kinds of automatic functions such as rice, oatmeal, re-heating, soup, baking, slow cooking, steam, sim, Brown, pressure cooker and DIY.
This is the ideal device for managing children to return to their busy schedule at school.
Kodak dock photo printer-when I was a kid, I remember taking my movie to the pharmacy and then waiting a few days while it was developed.
Now, we want everything, including the photos we took on our phones.
With the Kodak dock photo printer, you can print beautiful 4x6 photos anywhere with the touch button while charging up to two devices.
With this device, you can also print your favorite pictures directly from social media and add creative prosperity to their photos before printing.
Zeiss VR One Plus-kids start using VR at school and now they can also take fun adventures at home with Zeiss VR One Plus.
The device offers hundreds of compatible app options
From video, news and games to exploring luxury beaches and exotic places-
Comfortable from the sofa.
Headset 3D video, games and augmented reality.
It can work with any smartphone between 4. 7” to 5. 5\". Only $99.
At the Moleskin Smart Set, this is probably the coolest innovation I \'ve seen this fall. Your kids (or you! )
Now, I can watch the spread and development of your ideas on screen through the Moleskine paper tablet, pen and companion app.
Everyone will enjoy the hand-
The immediacy of putting a pen on paper, combined with all the advantages of digital creativity. Drone-
World DJI Spark Kit-if you \'ve been telling your kids for years that they\'ll get the first drone soon, then their wait should end up eventually.
Darth Vader
Esque gesture control, sparks fire and land from your palm.
The smart flight control option and facial recognition allow the user to guide it by hand and wave a selfie to it.
Drones fly off the shelves at 31 miles an hour, faster than ever before.
VR Nearpod headphonesBack-to-
School does not mean that all the focus should be on children.
This is a cool gadget for teachers who are interested in improving the course to a level.
In 2017, students want to be inspired and surprised in class.
Nearpod Awards
Thousands of schools across the country use Award-winning platforms to change classroom engagement through virtual reality.
Additional features and benefits are provided by school and district licenses.
Not everyone likes to wear earbuds, and ZipBuds have created them for these people.
These headphones solve the common pain points of ordinary headphones.
Tuned hybrid drive system, 144 different ways to find the perfect choice for your ears, up to 15 hours of battery life, sweat/waterproof coating and equipped with Bluetooth 4.
1, \"26\" is a great addition to any fitness pack. FreeFly VR-
Freefly VR is one of the first mobile VR headsets on the market and is considered one of the best gaming headsets.
The company has built a strong relationship with the best VR developers.
Simply add your existing phone to free virtual reality and bring sports, games, education and horror to a whole new level of immersion.
You always get hundreds of free VR compatibility experiences on iTunes or Google Play with just a few clicks. Casio Prizm fx-
CG50-The calculator has come a long way since we were kids. The Prizm fx-
CG50 is a good example.
It includes improved features such as 3D drawing, enhanced new look and improved catalog functionality so that students can use commands faster.
Students can easily draw 3D graphics such as planes, cylinders and spheres and watch them from different angles.
Ken Gao BeastGrip.
75 x wide conversion lens-just because you take photos with your iPhone doesn\'t mean you don\'t feel pro photog.
Beastgrip x Kenko 0.
The 75X Pro series wide angle lens is the most advanced smartphone lens ever.
Made with new expertise from legendary lens maker Kenko Tokina Co. , Ltd.
Meet the needs of high resolution smartphone cameras with 4 k video features and provide uncompromising image quality.
Evolent vertical mouse-I started using Evolent\'s vertical mouse to avoid forearm pain and I don\'t even remember the feeling of pain anymore.
The patented shape supports your hand in an upright and neutral position, often avoiding forearm distortion.
Many users, including doctors, ergonomics, and physical therapists, say this evolved vertical mouse provides superior comfort and even relieves pain in their wrists.
Logitech Harmony Hub-this Hub from Logitech turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control that gives you control over home entertainment and smart home devices.
You can change channels and volume, program favorites, control lights and other smart devices and build multiple
The device experience is called activity.
Also, you can do it even if you are not at home.
H2 H2 wireless headset-
Even a quick and easy build
In the hearing test, you can hear different frequencies on each ear and create your ear print profile.
With these headphones, you really get super quality at an affordable price.
Master Lock Bluetooth-you can\'t expect your uber techie kid to use the same black Master Lock on her locker as you did when you were a kid.
This Bluetooth lock provides students with a new way to unlock the school or gym locker padlock by turning Bluetooth
Turn your smartphone into your own key, eliminating the trouble of forgetting to combine.
They can use their smartphone to open the lock with the free main lock Vault locks app, making sure that users no longer have to worry about forgotten combinations.
They can easily share access remotely with others, whether temporary or permanent, and can monitor access history and receive tampering alerts.
The impressive Swedish company Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3-Penclic combines the latest technology with a stylish, ergonomic design with a focus on eliminating RSI (
Repetitive strain).
Their innovative computer accessories meet the ergonomic requirements of our body.
The mini keyboard is a product for you from Penclic (
Or your child)
It will be more comfortable to use.
IQbuds of Nuheara-more technical solutions for easily distracted students than ever before.
IQbuds is one of them.
These are synced to iOS and Android smartphones, which can play music seamlessly and allow users to selectively adjust the world around them to become the ideal \"Learning Partner \".
Students can also switch settings to the classroom and adjust IQbuds to provide advanced voice amplification, giving them the ability to amplify the teacher\'s voice while minimizing the surrounding classroom noise, to get the best situational perception.
Osmo Coding makes music and jam-it\'s not surprising that experts say children in the 21 st century should learn Coding.
Osmo Coding Jam teaches kids to code with their favorite music.
Your child can now create their own music by arranging the coding blocks of the Osmo into patterns and sequences.
PicoBit won the CES 2016 Innovation Award and is the brightest HD laser pico projector in the world with embedded Android 5. 1.
1 operating system with one always-in-
Focus Image and 80,000: 1 contrast with a perceived brightness of 100 DLP lumens.
In this super core
MicroVision, Inc. is a lightweight high definition laser projector
Proprietary PicoP scanning technology
Advanced technology including USB type
C. charging port and touchpad, wireless connection to the device via Miracast and DLNA, and Micro HDMI port and micro SD card slot for easy insertionand-Play the connection.
Eero WiFi system-this stylish home WiFi system allows you to add additional access points throughout your home for fast, reliable WiFi.
It is designed for families and apartments of all sizes and also includes enhanced security and family friendly features like parental control. A 3-pack (
Recommended to a general home)
It\'s $399, and an eero is $199.
Street Hopper 8 at Soundstream-this is an impressive unit with a rechargeable battery to play up to 10 hours of music.
It\'s not just a speaker with an awesome color lighting display.
You can sync your music.
It\'s compatible with the Street Hopper iPhone & Android smartphone app Canary home security camera-send your high school graduates to college this fall?
Why not let them (and you)
Keep an eye on what\'s outside their dorm or apartment?
Canary, users can see what\'s happening in their home HD video (
Whether it\'s a thief, make sure your dog doesn\'t rip off the couch, or check if your child is really doing homework after school).
When motion is detected, it sends a mobile alert with a recorded video, emergency help with a click of the mouse and a siren to scare away thieves and night vision.
When children return to school, parents can rest assured that their families and families are safe at work.
Gululu 3D interactive water bottle-one of the coolest new devices I \'ve ever seen.
Gululu uses technology to turn drinking water into fun games for kids to keep them hydrated.
As children drink more water, their virtual pets will grow and they will develop healthy habits.
Cooperate with generosity.
Org, for each bottle of Gululu interactive bottle purchased, will provide lifelong clean drinking water for children in developing countries.
First alarm carbon monoxide alarm-protecting the safety and health of our family is our top priority.
First alarm 10-
Carbon monoxide (CO)Alarm ($59. 95)
The first 10-
Starting with the first alarm, a one-year battery-powered CO alert and digital display, carbon monoxide alert is the only way to detect this \"silent killer.
\"This is perfect for your home and for college students.
With portable alarms and sealed batteries, parents can be assured that their children are protected and do not need to remember to replace them.
IStorage diskAshur Range-now it is essential to back up our data because we save most of the important documents on our computer.
Ducal\'s super
Secure PIN certified hardware encrypted hard drives and SSDs are perfect for those who need to keep photos, videos and private data secure and secure at work, travel or at home.
Swiss mobile battery card and Mini 2200 power pack-no parents want their child\'s phone to run out of juice when they need to call us to pick them up.
The Swiss mobile battery card is thin enough to fit in a wallet, wallet or backpack and provides enough emergency power to keep the phone running properly, including an integrated cable.
The mini 2200 provides more power in the pocket
A solution of size, including all the cables needed to charge the device or charge the power supply. Kanto Yu2 -
YU2 brings roles and content to your desktop. With its built-
In the sound card, it can stream high
Get high quality audio directly from the USB port of your computer or connect directly to any 3 ports.
5mm auxiliary jack with maximum input flexibility.
3 \"composite drive ensures distortion-
Free bass and mid tones, while the 3/4-inch silk dome tweeter effortlessly produces a flashing treble.
Provide 8 different colors to personalize your space.
Victrola portable Bluetooth turntable-I have been looking for the best 21st century turntable after inheriting my grandparents record. This three-
The speed model plays all your vinyl records and favorite albums, but there is also a built-in
In Bluetooth, music is played wirelessly on any Bluetooth-enabled device.
When I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend and saw a friend of mine looking at his cell phone and saying that his living room had just been vacuumed, I realized how much I wanted a sweeping robot.
The Deebot of Ecovacs has the function of home map, which can be passed through Alexa-
Voice command enabled.
Now that the summer is over, you don\'t have that much time to vacuum, a must-have home appliance.
Fuse Chicken armor charging C2-I hate the weak, tangled, not long enough power cables.
That\'s why I became a huge fan of Fuse Chicken.
Their armored charge C2 is USB-C to USB-
It\'s a 2-meter C cable (6’ 6”)
Woven from tough stainless steel.
It also has a lifetime warranty.
Geko PanicSafe-
Combined with GPS tracking design, built-in-in G-
Sensors and Bluetooth technology, this extraordinary device can help your loved ones remind you immediately when they or their cars need it and keep you on call.
After you download the app, you pair it with your own unique PanicSafe.
Then on the app, select up to 7 contacts to notify when you need help on the road.
Portal WiFi-your WiFi network will be flooded with all devices if your home is the same as mine.
From everyone\'s phone and tablet to laptop, alarm system, sprinkler system, garage, music speaker, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, thermostat and all security cameras . . . . . . You may need an entrance!
Outside, Portal looks like a simple device with a friendly app, but deep down inside, it\'s a smart WiFi router with bold design, with different designs.
When many people and devices are nearby, it is created to unlock new speeds and reliability.
The portal offers a discount code of 15% off for bk2 school.
This is the first smart mirror in the world.
Intuitive Touch
Free design provides a personal skin care regimen by assessing your skin condition, including wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, dark circles, black spots, red spots and pores. It has built-
In LED lights, easy to install and increased memory for multiple users.
Most importantly, it is now available for sale for $149. Brother P-
Touch Cube label maker-if you are a parent who likes everything in the home to be very organized, you need a great label maker like the P brothersTouch Cube.
With the design and print app, you can create personalized labels from a variety of templates, or you can easily design your own labels using 450 symbols and any one of the various fonts.
It costs $59.
At Kevin Convert smart lock company, I have been using the Kevin smart lock for a few years and I like the ability to lock and unlock the back door using Bluetooth when the wife is too busy
Kwikset\'s smart lock conversion kit actually uses Bluetooth to convert an existing latch to a smart lock for communication with a smartphone.
This allows you to check if the door is locked or unlocked and to lock or unlock the latch within the Bluetooth range.
USB-mophie Power StationC XXL -
This large-capacity universal battery is designed to charge your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and any other mobile device.
It comes with a USB-C and one USB-
Output charging port.
It is one of mophie\'s most powerful power stations as it includes a 19,500 battery that can charge the MacBook more than once. uDoq 400 -
This is the first docking station of its kind as it adapts to any old or new mobile device of any brand or generation and allows on the side-by-side charging.
UDoq is available for iPhone or Android.
Lutron Caseta Wireless light dimmer kit with smart bridge-now everyone wants a smart home with Lutron Caseta Wireless, it\'s getting easier than ever.
Wireless Smart Bridge and software app connect the caseta Wireless dimmer, wireless remote control, remote control of Lutron
Control hue and other third
Party device while providing convenient home control from any iOS or Android-
Based on a smartphone or tablet.
Audio Technology SR6BT-it\'s no secret that there are too many headphones on the market.
That means it\'s hard to pick out the high-end headphones that really offer thisfidelity sound.
This is the audio-
Technica\'s SR6BT headset.
The headset has built-in microphone and volume switches for easy control, and the NFC feature enables touch pairing to connect to your favorite Bluetooth wireless device.
Memory foam ear pads provide sound insulation and a comfortable fit.
VTech Kidizoom DX2 smart watch DX2-
The smart watch is the perfect technology for kids to take photos, videos, play games and time-out.
This durable smartwatch is stylish and includes 55 numbers and analog customizable watch faces to help kids learn to discern time.
It has two cameras that allow kids to capture everything from action videos to selfies that can be customized in stupid Me apps and make new watch faces.
Both blue and purple.
FIIL headphones-
FIIL combines art and sound perfectly. ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones.
Intelligent Noise regulation technology, tangle-
Noise-free design
Built-in cancel function
Excellent sound quality throughout the song storage.
GoTele off-grid tracker-
GoTele is a compact device that allows you to connect with peer-to-peer devices anytime, anywhereto-
GPS and long-
Radio technology.
This means no cell service or WiFi is required.
This device is perfect for outdoor adventures, traveling abroad or where any cell tower is overloaded (
Like in a crisis. .
With companion apps, goTele allows you to track and send messages to up to 30 users in real timeTime is 3. 1 mile radius.
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