Baoshi Yinger Solve the Two Major Problems of Giant Splicing Screen Engineering Projection Screen Te

[Baoshi Yinger Solve the Two Major Problems of Giant Splicing Screen] Engineering Projection Screen Technology Introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-08
Recently, Baoshi Ingill has completed the installation of a 200-inch × 3 (12000mm*3000mm) engineering screen for a certain Air Force unit. This screen is the largest flat splicing screen produced by Baoshi company so far. It has successfully passed the inspection and acceptance. It is comparable to the world's first-class brands and has won unanimous praise from engineering companies and end users.
Atlas (Atlas) is developed and manufactured to cooperate with world-class high-end projection systems to meet the needs of professionals in the industry for precise processing and display of visual information. The screen has good color reproduction, high blackness and rich layering. This screen has been gradually recognized by the market since its development, but Baoshi Ingill is still constantly summing up the problems found in the project, and constantly exploring and researching solutions, so that the screen technology is continuously improved and perfected day by day.
This screen adopts the latest improved technology, which better solves the two major problems currently existing in the giant splicing screen: flatness problem and expansion problem. The improved special structure layer ensures the flatness of the giant splicing screen; the suspended lifting structure frame effectively controls the thermal expansion and contraction of the screen, ensuring that the screen surface will not be distorted for a long time. The successful implementation of this project signifies that the technology of Baoshi Ingel's giant splicing screen has become mature, and once again leads the domestic giant front investment hard screen market.
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