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Barbecue notes

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
In Shenzhen, it is rare to encounter such a good day on weekends-dark clouds drifting across the sky from time to time, covering the hot sun, give people a cool laziness. For people who have been busy for a week, it is a rare good day to go out and relax. Today, the company organizes a barbecue after get off work. As a foodie + newcomer, I will naturally not miss such a good opportunity. No, just after get off work at noon, I went to the supermarket with my colleagues to purchase barbecue materials. More than an hour later, we harvested a lot-watermelon, potatoes, eggplant, chicken legs, wings, etc. Everything, meat and vegetable combination, all kinds of tricks, haha. With great results, we rushed to our destination-the barbecue area at the foot of Phoenix Mountain. Although there is no green water to accompany, but green mountains depend on each other, it is enough to be in such a happy but fresh place. After the aunt of the park helped to light the stove, we finally entered the barbeque. Skewer dishes, wrap fish in tin foil, brush oil and sprinkle condiments, everyone is really professional. Everyone has been busy for a long time, not bad! But the real test is yet to come. No, my colleague brushed some oil on the potato chips, the charcoal underneath dries up, but the tin foil in the middle suffered damage and immediately got up. Just when everyone didn't know what to do, another colleague brought freshly cut raw potatoes and pressed them directly on the fire. This trick worked. Finally it went out, ha ha. Division of labor and cooperation, there is no leisure, haha! Angkor, who has been busy for a long time, still didn't mean to stop. This is really a blessing for us to eat food! PS: Angkor's craftsmanship is very good, you must call him next time you have a barbecue. Ang's cute daughter, chick girl! I really want to say: 'Niu Niu, can you do more?' Time has flowed away quickly amidst the laughter of everyone, let's take a picture and take a group photo at last! On the return journey, there was still continuous laughter, and the exhaustion of the body had been abandoned by the small nerves of the body in the extreme relaxation of the mood. Walking on the road, the phrase 'The good old days' appeared in my mind. Good times leave us with happiness; good times leave us with memories. Life should be like this! !
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