Barcos single-projector passive stereo imaging technology that has nothing to do with the screen Bus

[Barco's single-projector passive stereo imaging technology that has nothing to do with the screen] Business projection screen technology introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-08
Barco's new active interference filter technology (Infitec technology) uses high-quality color filtering to generate independent images for the left and right eyes. Wearing passive Infitec stereo glasses, you can enjoy excellent stereo images on a standard screen. . Prior to this, two projectors were required to project two images to achieve a stereoscopic visual effect. Now, integrating this new active Infitec technology in a triple-frame Galaxy+ projector with a double frame rate can generate an image for each of the left and right eyes. Viewers only need to wear passive Infitec glasses to experience To the perfect depth of field of the three-dimensional image, there is no need to lower or raise your head. Once the active Infitec filter is turned off, the projector can perform standard active stereo projection (but requires synchronized shutter glasses) for flat projection.
Planetariums, science centers, research units or other institutions can use a projector to play flat or three-dimensional images on flat, curved or even spherical displays, so that the audience can be immersed in a realistic virtual environment. Scientists who use standard active stereo images to analyze complex data can now share their research with more audiences by converting their Galaxy+ system from standard active stereo mode to Infitec stereo vision mode.
Active Infitec technology is included as an optional feature in all Galaxy+ series projectors of Barco's virtual reality system. Barco's display solutions (such as Trace and Deuce repositionable stand-alone systems, customized I-Space and Holospace immersion rooms, and MoVE reconfigurable virtual environments) combine active stereo and easy-to-use passive stereo modes. Through continuous technological innovation, it has become possible to use a Galaxy+ projector with a high refresh rate to project high-quality Infitec stereo images on an ordinary screen (that is, without a professional polarized screen).
At the same time, in order to ensure seamless operation in the multi-channel display system, Barco’s Galaxy Active Infitec projectors have adopted a large number of dedicated functions: such as Dynacolor technology to eliminate the color changes between the channels and between the left and right eyes. CLO (Constant Light Output) ensures that all projectors in a multi-channel system maintain the same brightness and contrast, regardless of lamp life. Moreover, its proprietary optical soft-edge matching enables images to achieve true and seamless fusion even in dark environments, and at the same time can display more details through the unique ECR (Enhanced Contrast) function.
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