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[Basic classification and application characteristics of projection screens] Projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-11-07
There are basically four types of curtains: the first is a soft curtain, the second is a glass fiber curtain, the third is a woven white plastic curtain, and the fourth is a glass bead curtain.
  1. Soft curtain: The curtain is preferably made in the United States. Divided into front projection soft screen and rear projection soft screen. Most front projection soft screens are white, while rear projection soft screens are gray. The reason is that the current projection equipment does not need to rely on gray to increase the contrast, and gray has a negative effect on the color display. The gray of the rear projection soft screen is to reduce the reflection phenomenon of the direct light source, so that the audience watching from the front can see a more natural picture quality, so the gray of the rear projection also has its meaning.
   Generally speaking, the effect of front projection is better than that of rear projection. Regardless of the front projection or the rear projection soft screen, this PVC material specially used for projection has the best picture quality. It has the vividness and sharpness of the glass fiber screen and can perform softly. Both are available. There is also the biggest feature: the soft screen is not a surface coating, but a thick special imaging PVC, which has a very rich three-dimensional effect and a transparent picture quality. Known by the industry as the DLP in the screen, it is indeed the first choice for the most advanced screen. Since there is no base fabric to support it at all, the material is relatively soft. Therefore, it is necessary to make a rope curtain with expansion and flattening effect to make the surface of the screen more straight. Or it can be made into a frame screen, using the spring of the frame screen. Straighten the curtain. Soft screen features: bright and soft, three-dimensional and transparent, DLP in the screen.
 2. Fiberglass curtain: The curtain is preferably made in the United States. Divided into white glass fiber and gray glass fiber. The fabric is a base cloth woven from glass threads, and the surface layer is coated with a PVC material with a special projection effect. Because of the support of the glass fiber base cloth, it does not need to be flattened, and it will be flat when naturally stretched. Its biggest advantage lies in the fact that it can remain straight even under conditions of large temperature differences and climate changes. Due to the effect of the glass fiber backing, the gain and contrast are increased. The white screen is bright in color, and the gray screen can increase the contrast. In the past, the brightness of the projection equipment was sufficient, and the gray screen was used when the contrast was insufficient. At present, most high-definition projection equipment is faithful to real colors, and the new generation of high-definition projection equipment itself has sufficient contrast, so most people will choose a white screen. Glass fiber curtains are widely used in high-end screens. Glass fiber screen features: bright and lifelike, high contrast.
 3. Woven white plastic curtain: It is divided into white curtain (also known as white plastic) and gray curtain. The base cloth is woven by textile threads, and the surface layer is coated with PVC material with special projection effect. It is widely used in business and teaching.
 4. Glass bead screen: It is woven from textile threads into a cloth bottom, and the surface is coated with broken glass beads. It is mainly used to increase the brightness, but the contrast and viewing angle are not good, and the picture quality is worse than other screens. Used in bright places. As the current business and education projection equipment has enough lumen light, the glass bead screen has been less and less adopted, even if the teaching is generally switched to woven white plastic screen.
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