Basic knowledge of wireless LED display_led display size|indoor full color display|led display manuf

Basic knowledge of wireless LED display_led display size|indoor full color display|led display manufacturer

by:XY Screens     2021-09-01
The information input of the traditional LED display can only be done through the direct connection of the data cable to the computer, so for the traditional LED display, it cannot meet the needs of remote information real-time release, so it cannot solve the large-scale networking information release of the LED display. . The wireless LED display screen is based on WEB information service technology through the built-in high-performance GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other data transmission modules, using GSM/GPRS/CDMA mobile communication network, through the control center to remotely and real-time control the LED display screen. manage. Free from the constraints of location, distance, and wiring, information transmission is fast and accurate, making the application of LED display screens into a broader field. How does the wireless LED display work? Receive data from the wireless receiver and display it on the display. The wireless LED display system consists of an LED display with a wireless (GSM) digital transmission module and a user data release center (information management control software + special sending module). Features of wireless LED display 1. Large network scale: The wireless LED display sends information through wireless networks such as GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, etc. It uses TCP/IP network transmission protocol, and the number of terminals connected to the network is not limited, so it can be large Large-scale networking. 2. Real-time information release: The wireless LED display can receive information from the information center at any time. 3. Not limited by distance: The wireless LED display can be used nationwide, as long as there is wireless network signal coverage, it can be used without being restricted by distance and location. 4. Convenient installation and maintenance: Because there is no need to lay optical cables or communication cables, the installation location of the wireless LED display is easy to choose. Modular design, easy to maintain and repair, and automatically save all information, automatically dial the Internet, automatically redial when disconnected, to ensure a reliable connection, the wireless LED display automatically plays the original information when the power is turned on again, anti-interference design, suitable for electromagnetic Harsh environment application, high and low temperature design, adapt to low temperature and high temperature working environment. 5. Multiple information release methods: According to the selected communication network, different information sending methods can be selected to update the information on the wireless LED display, and can send information in groups, groups, and single points. Such as: computer sending through relevant websites on the Internet, computer sending through special information sending module, ordinary mobile phone sending, etc. Six, a variety of LED display options: various indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor single-color, dual-color, color, etc. Seven, multiple language options: such as numbers, letters, Chinese, English, etc. 8. Rich information display mode: Each information can be customized its display mode and stay time, and it can be arbitrarily arranged and displayed, which is very flexible. Nine, a variety of information encryption methods: If you can set the identification code and check code when sending the information according to the user's needs, or only receive a dedicated number, to ensure information security. 10. Support a variety of special effects. Application range: 1. GSM/GPRS wireless data module (applied to wireless LED display); 2. LED strip screen (indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor); 3. Semi-outdoor LED display (unit board, full screen); 4 , Industry application solutions (weather disaster warning display, vehicle screen); 5. Wireless LED display; 6. Window (counter) LED price display screen; 7. Special aluminum frame for LED display.
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