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benq trevolo s review: the world\'s smallest bluetooth electrostatic speaker

by:XY Screens     2020-02-24
Note: This article has been updated since its initial release to reflect compatibility with third-party chargers.
As a manufacturer of computer monitors and home theater projectors, BenQ is a brand you may be familiar.
This also makes wit-
The most expensive LED desk lamp I have ever tested.
Now, it\'s also in portable speaker games, and the company wants music lovers to love it as well.
But like many products, BenQ\'s approach is unique.
I just finished testing treVolo S, claiming to be \"the smallest Bluetooth electrostatic speaker in the world \".
Electrostatic speaker technology the electrostatic speaker is a high
Technical replacement of traditional magnetic cone drivers.
They are flat and vibrated with a current to clip the film between the two plates.
The main advantage of this design is that the sound reproduction accuracy is high, and the distortion is much smaller than the traditional speaker design.
Disadvantages include poor bass response and limited hearing area.
Electrostatic Speakers have been around for decades but are still relatively rare.
When you find them, they tend to be high-end audio systems, usually large speakers.
BenQ launched The treVolo series speakers in 2014, introducing the electrostatic speaker technology into the Bluetooth portable speaker for the first time.
The company solves bass defects in technology by adding traditional cone bass to the mix design.
Using treVolo S, the company has reduced the size of the electrostatic hybrid speaker to make it more portable than the original one (
Jeffrey Morrison, Forbes contributor)
And follow-up treVolo 2.
$199, which is also a relatively affordable option for anyone who wants to use an audio system with electrostatic technology.
The design team of First impression sbenq has assembled a portable speaker that doesn\'t look like any other product.
Out of the box, treVolo S is the size and shape of the brick.
Made of aluminum and plastic, it is heavy in weight and features a premium touch, including a double vertical stacked drive with a honeycomb black grille, decorated in elegant copper.
It looks and feels like a premium audio device with little resemblance to other portable Bluetooth speakers.
What\'s really interesting is those electrostatic panels. They’re thin --less than 1/4-
Inch thickness.
They fold flat on the side of the Speaker for carrying, but you flip them over 45 degrees when using them.
The shape is now a pair of small drivers living in a 6-
Inch Tower (
Button on top)
, Consists of a pair of rectangular thin panels that extend the width of the Speaker to 8. 5-inches.
The expansion panel also shows a pair of passive radiators that are emitted from the side of the speaker.
Despite its narrow footprint, the rubber base keeps everything stable and tilts slightly upwards.
There are sound-responsive audio control and power buttons on the top, as well as two LED indicators that show connection status and battery power.
Visually, this is a striking design.
Million Dollar audio performance and 3D sound (
Or at least $199)
The question is whether the audio produced by treVolo S has met expectations.
This is the first time I have used a static speaker design and I have to say that I have found that treVolo\'s performance is quite different from the traditional speakers I usually use.
In particular, high-frequency sounds are reproduced with exquisite details.
Bass, on the other hand, may be a bit unfamiliar.
The overall effect is almost clinically accurate. -
More accurate and balanced than typical portable speakers, but also less warm.
BenQ\'s proprietary 3D sound mode saves you a day.
This feature is advertised as \"increasing the size of the listening space without changing the original sound waves.
\"In practice, this is a setting for EQ, and it has a noticeable improvement ---
Including more bass kicks-
While still maintaining impressive detail audio and providing more depth.
All sounds are not processed.
The \"new golden dream\" of simple thinking provides a good example of treVolo\'s actions.
Vocals and synths are popular, and percussion instruments are also popular.
There are many details missing from the speakers inside.
But pushing the bass of the song makes me want to have more low-end punch cards.
In the Midnight Knight of the Allman Brothers, treVolo performed well.
You can almost hear your fingers playing on the acoustic guitar and the reverb of the sound is excellent ---
Especially in 3D mode. -
But the pronunciation of bass and kangga drums is a little smaller than I thought.
Another limitation of electrostatic speaker technology is the reduction of hearing \"sweet spot\", which I did notice in treVolo S.
Set up on the workbench in my office--
At ear height, far from the wall, only 6 feet from my chair-
Sounds great.
Standing on the side, or listening to it further away, there\'s a noticeable drop --
Turn off in high frequency detail.
The electrostatic panel drives the audio in both directions, so place it too close to the wall and the sound quality drops.
On the other hand, in the corner (
But don\'t be too close to the wall)
Low frequency performance improvement.
Therefore, positioning and the location of the listener are very important, and treVolo\'s placement is very picky compared to ordinary portable speakers.
The speaker\'s maximum volume is also less than I expected, although it is commendable that treVolo S is one of the few speakers I have tested that can play and keep quiet at the maximum volume.
When you reach the far end of the volume range, most become distorted, buzzing, and ugly noise.
This is not the case with TreVolo S.
This is enough to fill my little office with sound, but the extra oomph is not available when a great song comes up and I want to get it up.
Again, this is the smaller version of treVolo 2, so if you provide music for larger rooms, you can choose--
This will only make you pay more. . .
The main features of TreVolo are battery life and portability. Benq designed treVolo as portable.
Integrated Lithium
The rated playback time of the ion battery is up to 18 hours.
During the testing process, I found that my review unit was over 18 hours in one session.
I don\'t always play music at high volume, but I played for 20 hours.
This is a very dense speaker, but it does fold up because of carrying, and BenQ also includes a bag.
However, this portability is affected by some reality. . .
Positioning is critical, as mentioned earlier, and BenQ also recommends the use of flat and stable surfaces.
Also, the speakers are not waterproof.
I wouldn\'t think of it as a candidate for the deck, but it can easily be moved from room to room or stored and brought to a party.
The TreVolo S is charged and powered via a micro USB.
The instructions warn against using an adapter that is more powerful than the charger provided, but BenQ assures me that treVolo S can be used safely with the micro USB cable and any UL-
You may have an approved 5 v charger for your smartphone or tablet on hand.
TreVolo S has an app that is a bit useless app for many wireless speakers.
But it is very inconspicuous.
With the iPhone, every time I start the app or power the speaker on, the app prompts me to quickly press the Bluetooth button of the Speaker to connect (
Even if it is paired with the phone).
Once connected, it displays the remaining battery and sets a switch for the 3D sound, allowing you to pair the two treVolo speakers in stereo.
The help button displays the button with the label. . .
It also shows the firmware version of the speaker.
With the on-board LED battery power indicator and manually turning on the 3D sound when pressing the button on the speaker, I found that the app was not needed.
Should you buy it?
This is a difficult question to answer because the TreVolo people are a very unusual speaker.
If you are buying a portable wireless speaker it may be subject to some abuse-
Bumpy and occasional splash around-
Trevor is not the speaker.
There are many options, many of which are half the price of Speaker BenQ.
It is also unlikely to satisfy fans of bass or volume.
If you want a portable device that can be set up anywhere, it\'s also a pass.
TreVolo needs to be positioned perfectly to give full play to its functions.
However, the speaker of Mingji is ideal in some cases.
If you want a speaker that looks different, then it\'s hard to find a portable speaker that is more unique than treVolo.
Not only is it different, it also has a premium building that looks more expensive than it is for $199.
In other words, this is an option for those who search for audio devices that make visual statements.
In addition to the novelty factor, the ideal listener for BenQ treVolo S is a serious music listener who values balance and detailed audio-
Free Bass
Heavy signatures common in most portable speakers--
He also wants a small, portable package.
Disclosure: BenQ provided a spokesperson for the assessment, but did not comment on the review.
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