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benq w1700 projector review.

by:XY Screens     2019-11-22
India, Sept. 27 --
Mingji W1700 projector price inIndia178000 /-
Mingji W1700 is a 4 k HDR projector, which is notified when available.
For those who want to build a home theater and want a powerful 4 k projector.
The MRP of the projector is Rs 2. 25 lakhs.
Mingji W1700 projector rating 78/100 our judgment Mingji W1700 is a valuable competitor for those who want to invest in 4 k HDR projectors.
It has excellent performance in 4 k HDR content and 1080 p content.
It can also be used well for games.
The only downside is that it has a lower black level and contrast than the flat panel TV.
Keep in mind that to really take advantage of the projector, you need to make sure your room is really dark.
Pros: * 4 k HDR good performance * pros for movies, TV shows and games * easy to use remote control Cons: * Dolby Vision not supported * only 1 HDCP 2.
2 enter Mingji W1700 projector: it is a complicated thing to comment in detail on building a home theater.
You need to set up abudget and make sure you get the right audio video experience when you pay for it.
It\'s not as simple as deciding on TV and speakers.
You need to know if you want a TV or projector, a 5. 1 systemor a 7. 1. 2 system.
Would you like to build a dedicated home theater in Arom or a multi-purpose installation?
These are some of the problems we will solve in another story.
Today we have BenQ W1700 4 KHDR projector.
The device has MRP for Rs 2.
25 lakhs, but as of the time this review was written, there was on Amazon.
At Rs 1,78, 000.
If you\'re looking for a stateof-the-
Art TV, then about 2.
You can get a 55-
Sony or LG inch OLED.
For the same MRP, you can get the BenQ w17004 k hdr projector, which can give you more than 100 inch images. Isit worth it?
Architecture and design when it comes to the building of the Mingji W1700 projector, it is fully plastic and the connection options are arranged neatly on the back.
The top has all the physical controls such as power supply, ecoblack, menu mode, navigation, etc.
You also have a control wheel for zoom and focus.
The weight of the projector is slightly higher than 4kgs.
Its corners are slightly oval.
Knock on the projector and it will give you a feeling of being made of hard plastic, which is good.
There are 3 height adjustable feet at the bottom of the projector.
Feetcan can be used to provide the projector with tilt, drop or height according to your positioning method.
If this is the permanent location you are looking for, I would recommend installing the projector to the seal.
In this way, its position cannot be tampered.
In general, the construction of the projector is what you expect --
Simple minimalism with a focus on getting the job done.
Ports and all ports connected are placed behind the projector. You have a 3.
Port 5 mmaudio, a 3.
5mm audio output, VGA, 2 HDMI ports (
One of them is isHDCP 2. 2 compatible)
USB interface, USB port, and of course powerport.
All ports are handy and I only want the HDMI port to be HDCP 2. 2.
However, if you have an amp in a home theater, then make sure your amp hasHDCP 2.
Output, all inputs can enter the back of the amplifier.
The projector also has a 5 w speaker, but the speaker is not impressive given its visual presence.
However, it is good for them to attend.
Overall, if you are a port user like 3, the connection options are rich and very convenient.
5mm input/output, etc.
For those who invest in projectors, it makes sense to invest a better connector for home theater to route all the connection options.
The remote control projector is also equipped with a remote control.
The On and off buttons are separate and unique.
Some controls on Remote are the same as physical controls on the projector.
You can also use the picture mode as well as controls such as contrast, sharpness, gamma, color temperature, etc.
The buttons of the remote control are backlit and very convenient in the dark.
In general, the buttons on the remote control are clicked, and the backlight is a thoughtful touch that responds well.
Before we get into the actual performance of the projector, I want to talk about the settings first.
If you set up this projector yourself, then know that there is a grid that can be activated by going into the settings.
This will help you scale your projector to screen size by physically moving the projector back and forth instead of zooming in.
When setting, use zoom as the last resort.
In terms of performance, our main sources are Xbox One Xwith Netflix and Prime Video.
The projector has a 4 k resolution that supports HDR.
However, it does not support Dolby Vision.
When you have a completely dark room and a pair of speakers that can make the house collapse, this projector will really shine.
From action-
John Wick\'s recircle club battle sequence is packed into the dark staircase battle sequence of Netflix\'s \"The Night Devil\", and even the desert car sequence of the first episode of Amazon\'s Grand Tour season, on the projector
We even watched a couple of episodes of young Shelton, the whole environment was bright, and some of the Song Fei Chuan, an old TV show that can be on Prime video
Many of the content on the streaming service is in full HD, and the output of the projector is impressive for all of this content.
The reds and blues from spider
On Spider-Man\'s boat home, the projector shows its ability to play 1080 p content and make it look impressive.
Colorful game trailers, such as Cyberpunk 2077 and tsushimaloook Ghost, show vivid colors and smooth playback on the projector.
Considering that the source of these videos is YouTube on Xbox One X, we are surprised to see how rich the visuals are.
The game on the projector is a different story.
You won\'t use thisto online multiplayer shooting game.
When you play online, you need to have as few input delays as possible.
This is not the case with this projector.
This lag will not bother you if you are enjoying a single player experience.
This projector is perfect for playing Tomb Raider, Ori and Blind Forest, unknown world and God of war if you have PS4 Pro.
Not only does a game like this look amazing, but you can still enjoy them despite the input lag without frustrating your controller.
The projector works fine for the movie game experience.
The only downside is ambient lighting.
If you have a room with plenty of light, the visual presentation of the W1700 is easily hindered.
Think about it, when someone walks into the theater after the movie starts, and when they open the door, all the light falls on the screen, you face the same frustration.
Another thing is that compared to TVs like oled TV or Sony Z9D, the black on the projector image bucket.
Of course, the content of the oled TV will look richer, which is more obvious when watching HDR content.
In addition, almost all flagship TVs support Dolby Vision, which is another advantage of the TV over the projector.
Ideally, your purchase decision should be based on two factors --
Screen size and your control over the lighting of the indoor environment.
If you want a big screen then yes the projector is the right choice.
The price of the flagship 55 you can get hundreds of inches-
But you need to make sure you can make the room dark and enjoy the projector.
In addition, there is only one HDCP 2 for the projector.
Port 2 and noDolby Vision are supported.
If you are looking for a projector to complement your home theater setup, then yes, BenQ W1700 can be your preferred weapon.
If not, you can use 55-
So in terms of price, you can buy an oled TV with better black and contrast.
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