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best april fool’s day jokes in australia and around the world

by:XY Screens     2020-02-16
Sunrise co-
Host Edwina Bartholmew fooled Kochi when announcing her engagement today with Natalie Barr\'s ring and her longtime partner Neil Valko.
Polite SunriseSunrise co-
Host Edwin Bartholomew Kochie April Fool\'s Day prank play.
Image: Twitter/sunriseit is today the fool of April, and Australian celebrities and companies have integrated this spirit by lending it to their colleagues and customers in some very creative way.
Here are some jokes that have been circulating online: Eddie prank Sunrise team
Host Edwina Bartholmew made Kochie fall for it today when she announced her engagement with her longtime partner, Neil Varcoe.
To make this joke, she put Natalie Barr\'s ring on her hand.
She finally accepted the prank. . @edwina_b. . . you got us!
Picture of Sun7 AprilFools. twitter.
Com/sbSMh6WsRDTHE today show fool Dick is targeting Richard Wilkins for today\'s show, covering a report about all New Zealand-born Australians having to go to the New Zealand government.
Break: All New Zealand-
Born Australians now have to pay a 10% pension to the New Zealand government. . .
Not ideal for Dicky.
Today Natasha Belin prank her BOSSStudio 10 host Natasha Belin is already preparing to host the show, but she calls rob the executive producer of the show ·
He told her it was okay, but he was taken when he entered panic mode. Her co-
Host Dennis desedale also called to say she \"pressed the snooze button \".
He soon realized that something had happened and was told it was a fool prank in April.
Fortunately, he accepted it very well and smiled with a sigh of relief.
We\'re not sorry about the boss.
I wish you all a happy fool in April!
MORE: On April, the top ten jokes of fool evernesalian OPEN, Australia\'s Open Facebook page, which obtained the \"wood surface\", posted a video claiming that the court would restart
2017 surface with Wood today.
They claim Australia will be the first country to host the timber Court Championship. Nice try guys!
Breakthrough: wood surface made its debut at AusOpen 2017!
COLES posted \"hover trolley\" COLES on Twitter, announcing that their new \"hover trolley\" will come to their supermarket.
But their future designs don\'t fool everyone.
Introduce the new hover trolley for Coles!
Soon slide into a shop near you . . . . . . Pictures of hoverboards. twitter.
Com/eX3NabBcoIFLAMINGO rafting and V8 parasol red balloons released a new inflatable flamingo rapids experience.
For $495, you can explore the majesty of the nimboda River without ugly safety equipment or rafts.
Other experiences provided by fool in April include V8 umbrellas and sportswear.
They also opened a blindfolded cooking class.
Did you look up at the sky and hope you could say your own cloud?
Or about how you compare the pressure of your active wear. . .
Try to live online. The \"living offline\" organization launched a spoof called \"living online\" today, saying: \"Do you know that there are only 1810 billion millionaires in the world today?
We stand with them this year.
\"Since 2010, living offline has encouraged more than 45,000 Australians to eat at $2 per day for five days.
But their April fool prank asked Australians to take on a new challenge: less than $10,000 a day for five days of food, raising money and raising awareness for people living above the poverty line.
\"We call it life online, and we do this because the rich should also attend their own fundraising activities.
\"Rich people also have problems according to live online activities.
Picture: supply Ford today offers \"emotional technology\" that Ford Australia uses to make fun of fans with new wearable technology that has never been able to connect them to their cars. With new ‘Mood-
It will monitor the wearer\'s body temperature and use the camera to track eye movements and enter this information into the vehicle.
They said on Twitter that when the wearer wants to wear a song, the mood lighting goes through the hue, \"like a nightclub \".
They also wrote on Twitter: \"among the selected Ford cars, you can choose to convert the glove box into a convection oven \".
Introducing SYNCMoodTech, an innovative wearable technology that connects you and your vehicle like never before!
If Donald Trump becomes the next US president, Trump groupon will provide an opportunity for an Australian family to escape the world and retreat to island paradise.
The family will move to Trump.
Four years of freedom, the island of Eden, is equivalent to Trump\'s presidency.
The trip will be a full one.
There is no way to get into the paid holiday expenses of the outside world.
If Donald Trump becomes president, Groupon will offer a holiday away from him.
Picture: Introduce the supplier of VODA-
DRONEVodafone created Voda-
Drone via on-extend Vodafone network
Services are requested to cover the remaining 3% of the population not covered by the Australian network. “Ensuring Voda-
Voda-the drone maintains a lightweight frame to cover long distances
\"Drones see traditional drone camera compartments replaced by wireless modems to cover the video demand crowd,\" a Vodafone statement said . \".
April fool prank from Vodafone.
Picture: The drone provides \"complex nuisance avoidance detection and drone provider status, which can avoid trees, birds and even people on the ladder to ensure that all animals and plants are safe when browsing, share and Enjoy the world of entertainment online.
If this is true, the user will send a \"Voda-\" to the local Vodafone store-
Drone \", which will be deployed at high speed and will reach their location within 30 minutes to share Wi-
Connect to their device.
Nice sang plays CUPIDNissan in Australia and wants to try to put a single driver with N-Connect App.
According to a study by the University of Cambridge, Nissan drivers are known among European owners as the most \"loyal\" and \"friendly. Users of N-
Connect will be able to express their interest in each other by clicking on the love symbol in the car to get to know others.
News: upgrade Nissan Connect to activate our matchmaking service. DOGTASKERAirtasker has launched a new service called Dogtasker, where pet owners can sign up and take a walk in their pooch, gardening, come on!
We have a lot to share with you. . .
As a fool prank in April, the design crowd community created the weirdest wildlife ever.
Here they create a mixed camelkangaroos.
It\'s a camel. no, it\'s a kangaroo. it\'s a jumping camel kangaroo.
Picture: suplieda animal dating website Australia online dating website eHarmony, in collaboration with the Wildlife Sydney zoo in Darling Harbour, announced the launch of a revolutionary new dating platform aHarmony specifically designed for animals, pet owners can use eHarmony\'s well-known compatibility matching system to find fluffy, scalded or even spiny partners.
Veterinarians and breeders at Wildlife Sydney Zoo have reportedly been working closely with eHarmony\'s relationship experts to refine the dating site
Known animal compatibility matching system that works with different animals in the zoo, including Davi, Quokka, Jack, koala and candy glider.
Aniamls\'s spoof dating website provides Koala Jack with personal data.
Does Amazon Pirates Of The Caribbean say parrots?
The company owned and the learning provider of digital audiobooks announced the release of the Caribbean parrot, the first audiobook in the world to be performed entirely by talking parrots.
The fascinating stories of illegal adventures on the high seas can now be downloaded exclusively when you can hear them. com. au.
The parrot, named Jack Sparrow, is in an Australian hearing audience calling for more
Human recording
The parrot is from the Caribbean and competes with 45 other hopeful animal competitors from around the world.
An audiobook dubbed by a parrot.
Image source: Alipay industry super fund-
The banks I OWN announced that they will release an unlimited new credit card line to help you keep up with the latest fashion trends.
The only obstacle is your self.
There are four credit cards to choose from: cim, chlo é, courtney and cris.
Each card in the package has a vanilla scent and is nude in different shades.
The fake card I provided today is a prank.
Picture: Supplier Source: supplier your holiday student flight announced that college students can now deposit the holiday fee into their mailbox.
Your holiday plan is an exclusive agreement with government officials to allow students to postpone travel payments until after they start earninguniversity.
Student Flight general manager Sean Martin says the deal is a coup for cashpoor but time-
For affluent students, the biggest obstacle to travel is upfront spending.
\"Our clients have a one mile long list, but usually don\'t have holiday money to complete it,\" Mr Martin said . \".
\"With this plan, they don\'t have to choose between buying the next driver\'s textbook and traveling to Europe.
\"With your holiday, they can have both.
If it\'s true. . . .
Your holiday plan will be a dream come true for students. . .
If it\'s true
Image: Supplier Source: via BURRIT-OH!
Zoosk, an online dating company, created \"burrit-OH!
A mobile dating site using new games
Change the burrito compatibility framework to match potential dating objects and securely insert the burrito into all aspects of the online dating experience.
Zoosk Software engineer said: \"Today\'s date is more complicated than their predecessors.
\"They are tired of matching on trivial things and are looking for a more meaningful contact.
We found the way, the burrito. ”Burrit-OH!
Match Singles on deeper compatibility
Not age, place, goal or core belief
But they are really Mexican burrito compatibility.
Do you like \"buttons\" with your date (
Also called bottom or end)
The best burrito?
Are you all lovers of carne asada?
Or the one you think put peas in a burrito.
Rice is evil people who are determined to destroy all the good and real things in this world? Burrit-OH!
With all this in mind.
Online dating sites will be available next week. How the Burrit-Oh!
The dating app works.
Picture: supply transport piece alien BETSOnline betting. com.
The AU has announced that it has suspended betting on the extra presence
Life on land.
This decision was made after some legitimate intimate contact with new account holders who bet no more than $501 in supernatural amounts.
Due to abnormal betting signals, sports betting is also spread in Australian prices, with the first contact price with exotic creatures being $7. 50 into $2. 50.
\"If there is no gambling company in the past, we have already gone and announced that the truth is there and suspended the gambling against their existence,\" said Sportsbet . \". com.
Will Byrne, Aufo\'s conspiracy correspondent.
In fact, sports betting companies claimed today in a fool prank on April.
Picture: supliedten broadcast bachelor\'s degree: RendezView, The View website of Australia\'s senior news group, announced that ten TV executives on the Internet gave the green light for the so-called bachelor\'s degree-advanced degree.
The show will feature romantic seekers aged 65 and over.
Why do young people enjoy themselves?
Romantic seekers aged 65 and over will be the stars of singles: the elderly. (Pic: iStock)
Source: istockTHE cold \'cold call\' TRAVELODGE Hotels announced that they will launch a new service to ensure that hotel guests staying overnight can get up on time and take early morning flights.
It is called the cold call of the tourist hotel and involves a member of the hotel team to provide cold water to the face.
Customers at the Tour guest house were told that they could ask for the service when they booked their room over the phone.
It will be available between four o\'clock A. M. and six o\'clock A. M. on weekdays.
The company hired Australian comedians. I\'m a celebrity host. . .
Get Me Out Now!
Joel Creasey will try out the service.
Joel Creasey is trying the cold call.
Image source: Creasey, brand ambassador for creedas Travelodge, was the first guest to try it out.
\"I never felt so good.
Waking up to find the amazing benefits of cold water splash, you just can\'t get it by making a phone call. It de-
\"It will stimulate the eyes, tighten the skin, fight wrinkles, and also wake you up in the coming day,\" he said . \".
\"Almost unlimited\" was introduced by condicky, a new hi-
Provide five guides, three ways to travel in technology.
3D virtual reality experience.
The tourism company announced that 10 \"virtual experience centers \"(VEC’s)
Will be open around Australia today with three
Offer an hour of virtual travel for $149 per person.
Travelers can go to virtual destinations, including the Oktoberfest in Germany, Machu Picchu in Peru and Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil.
To impress customers, the company also launched a video of the April fool joke.
Katrina Barry, managing director of condiki, said they have been experimenting with VR technology for more than 18 months.
Kandy announced the world\'s first \"virtual reality\" travel route at a low cost of $149. 00.
\"Over time,
Contiki is redefining travel and taking it to a new level.
\"Our new\" almost unlimited \"product is the future of the tourism industry and the spoilers of the entire tourism industry, especially airlines and accommodation providers,\" she said . \".
One of the main benefits of our \"almost unlimited\" itinerary is that travelers get high travel costs without having to invest.
They don\'t need to leave the country, they don\'t need to take a few weeks off, they don\'t need to save money for flights and accommodation, and we predict that\'s how people \"travel\" in the future.
Only three-
She added: \"One hour visit one of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, and Hobart\'s ten\" Virtual Experience Centers . \".
The Daily Telegraph has announced that it will build a precise replica of the Sydney Harbour bridge next to the current intersection, a radical plan to reduce congestion and boost tourism.
State government sources confirmed to the newspaper yesterday that the original plan to build a second tunnel crossing had been canceled, which must have been a controversial multi-billion --dollar project.
Artificial intelligence met with HOMEWAREHouzz Australia, an online platform for home decoration and design, and released the first artificial intelligence platform Houzz Smartz-
The enabling series of household goods and furniture helps to improve the look and feel of the home.
Houzz Smartz products support multiple languages to ensure the room looks perfect every day. They have in-
Built-in sensors for detecting dirt, stains and wrinkles.
Ray white sells prestige kennel for $1.
Sell a pet home?
That\'s what Ray White announced today with their banter, and one of its agents, Evan Williams, sold for $1 what Northern Sydney is called The Podge Palace. 25 million.
The sale is reported to be part of a new professional program launched by the company, which is sold to pets by qualified agents.
Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are looking for an opportunity to buy AFL franchise, leading North Melbourne, The Sun reported.
April fool: Well, the North Melbourne wild horse team did not fool our observant readers.
But there must be a lot of fans talking about it.
Should North Melbourne Football Club consider it?
Virgin launches Children
Even airlines only have cabins joking, Virgin Australia posted a video on their Facebook page announcing the launch of a children\'s class, a cabin dedicated to children\'s travellers.
A confused Facebook reviewer, who may or may not hear the joke, asked the cabin to at least \"seal and make noise --proofed”.
Introduction to the world\'s first child-Virgin Australia children\'s class
Only aircraft cabin
Secret plan for the renaming of yianews. com.
The AU claims there are plans to change Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II in honor of the Queen\'s 90 th birthday.
According to the report, the site has seen documents from a group of backbenchers. It had high-
The support of opposition leader Matthew Guy cautiously supported the idea.
But Prime Minister Daniel Andrews\'s office has remained silent on the issue.
A used condom reward program has launched an ecology.
Friendly plan to enable customers to save money on future purchases of condoms by mailing recycled condoms they have used.
They claim it will be a way to \"save the environment, keep it safe and save money.
CAMELThirsty Camel\'s new delivery service has launched a new service that offers live Camel delivery in selected regions.
Customers who are interested in using this service can order online at thirstycamel. com.
Au and select the \"Camel Delivery\" option for the next available camel.
KRISPY kreme\'s 3 donuts PRINTERKrispy Kreme has launched 3 donuts printers that consumers can print their own donuts in 3D.
This printer also features 12 pods from Krispy Kreme World
Famous special glaze for $8,990.
Limited edition 3D donut printer used in prank.
Image: Supply Source: supply Edan tell the machine service in the air, that\'s great.
The Bank of Melbourne claims they provide ATM services.
\"The next update to our app will include a button that will activate the service and summon the air teller machine to your current location, allow you to withdraw cash like a normal ATM facebook Post wrote.
As part of our commitment to technology at Melbourne bank, we are pleased to introduce our brand --new Aerial. . .
We will keep you informed of jokes all over the country, but what is happening all over the world is like this.
The Gold Coast warns New Zealand tourists. Gold Coast tourism has announced new regulations aimed at preventing New Zealand tourists from raining at New Zealand\'s number one resort.
With the launch of the new Gold Coast Weather Protection Unit (GCWPU)
It will address the source of the problem;
New Zealand tourists have brought bad weather.
The unit will search for all suspicious travelers passing through the Gold Coast Airport to find signs of items that are now banned, including: * pessimistic clothes or shoes scarves or * items with traces of precipitation * items exposed to rain, fog, snow, hail or storm for the last 10 days * umbrellas, raincoats, poncho or rubber boots * warm or wool clothing New Zealanders including merunos and polypropylene * hot water bottles or wheat bags come to Gold Coast false rules.
Image: supply jetstar ASIA uses \"Singapore\" jetstar Asia to post a video on its Facebook page claiming that it will use Singapore English as its official language and Singapore English on its flight,
The campaign was indeed a joke of fool in April.
After months of research, Jetstar is proud to announce the latest innovations and ingenuity to help every passenger feel at home in the sky.
Thank you so much to our team for supporting this exciting initiative!
We know it takes months of training and hard work to improve your new skills . . . . . . Are you already curious?
Now, we can launch on April 1, 2016! See jetstar. com for more!
According to The Siberian Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin \"witnessed\" three snowmen on a recent helicopter trip, a place known for its alleged sightings.
Dmitry Ivanov said: \"He and his entourage saw a young man and a younger boy snowman at a distance of about 150, \"National Park wildlife experts with the group.
Keep them peaceful. . . !
Vladimir Putin saw the snowman family on a short trip. twitter.
Com/2B2h8X6LRgSONY create a ghost-
They said they developed a ghost.
A device called a proton packet. Weighing 6.
66 kg, this product uses the same battery life mode in Sony Mobile Communications\'s latest XperiaTM smartphone, allowing users to maintain longer battery life.
The Proton Pack integrates the same ultra-slow motion capture capability as the Sony network processor
Shoot the RX series high-end compact camera, allowing the user to shoot substances within 960 frames-per-
High Frame Rate in seconds and accurately record the movement of its target.
Its embedded Sony 4 k ultra-short projection projector allows users to view captured substances in real time.
Joe Jonas pranks in Australia and in a radio interview with Smallzy\'s Surgery on Nova 96, the 26-year-old actor and pop singer Haley Stern field prank. 9 FM.
Joe\'s band, DNCE, appeared in her new song and music video rock bottom, calling himself \"Harry \".
He imitated the British accent as he walked. air with her.
\"My first question is, it\'s a little weird, but can you send me some of your toenails clippings in the mail? ” he asked.
\"Is this true? ” she replied.
Then he went on to say, \"What is it like to work with DNCE and Joe Jonas?
\"It\'s really great,\" she said . \"
\"I had a great time working with them.
I like Joe and the band. Yeah.
But Steinfeld thinks something is wrong.
Finally, Smallzy confirmed it was Joe.
Singers pretend to be engaged to comedians. they lied to the whole world.
Almost everyone.
The 27-year-old actress and pop singer Jessica Lowndes announced an engagement with 57-year-old comedian Jon Lowitz over the weekend.
The two men have been working on pranks for months, and Lowdes makes fun of her fans on Instagram, with the title alluding to a \"[New Man\"her]life.
After she posted a photo of rose petals and the title \"I LOVE itz\", people began to learn about her new \"love\" identity.
She also posted a picture of his hand on her leg and said: \"His hand is smart and tells thousands of stories. . .
Annoying People \".
Soon the couple confessed that it was a fool prank in early April, helping to promote her new music video for Deja Vu.
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