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best christmas light projectors | london evening standard

by:XY Screens     2019-11-05
Christmas is the perfect excuse to decorate your home with festive colors.
While fairy lights are a popular option, walking around the house can be a time-
Not to mention hiding long wires and those bulbs that always need to be replaced.
The light projector is not only easier to set up and maintain, but also more energy efficient
Shine some merry Christmas on the outside of your home in an effective way.
In addition, a variety of pictures and patterns including snowflakes and stars means that you can easily find the effect that suits your taste.
The price point range is large and there is a light projector suitable for all budgets.
Home for Christmas-
Ready for us to pick the best.
GAXmi\'s LED light projector provides a rotating snowfall effect that can be used to create a lovely display for all
Various occasions including Christmas, wedding and birthday.
The speed of the mode can even be controlled by the remote control, which means that you can slow down or increase the speed according to your target mood.
The machine is also designed with a built-in
In the timer of the daily cycle-it works for six hours in a row and then automatically turns off for 18 hourshour break.
In addition, this projector is waterproof (
Although it should not be exposed to extreme or bad weather). £27.
99 | Amazon | buy this laser projector now and you will get four different snowflake patterns that will keep moving for an amazing holiday display.
It is also equipped with a removable plastic pile and an impressive length (10m)
Black Lead Cable-so you don\'t have to worry if you don\'t have a socket nearby.
The laser coverage rate is as high as 25 m². £39.
99 | light s4 fun | buy it now with six fun effects for a variety of occasions, which is a very good investment.
It displays bright red or green patterns, including festive snowmen for Christmas, ghost bats for Halloween, and sparkling stars for almost any special event.
Simply place the projector on the ground using the mounting spike (included)
Insert it and watch the eye-catching display.
It covers an area of up to 3,200 square feet and is ideal for large residential buildings, and it can reduce energy consumption by 99% compared to most traditional festival lights, which will help reduce energy consumption. £69.
99 | JML Direct | buy now. The versatility of this projector makes it definitely worth your attention.
There are a variety of effects to choose from, including static, flashing, color-
Replace and rotate-customize your lighting display easily.
Due to the convenient timer function, you can even choose how many hours (
Between two and six)
You want the laser to stay on.
The head can also be adjusted to make sure you find the perfect projection angle. £119.
99 | festival lights | buy this great one now-
The Value projector is 30 cents higher than the brightness of most other models, which is provided by high power LED chips.
The falling snowflake pattern will automatically pass through your home to create an impressive winter wonderland effect.
More importantly, it is waterproof and anti-corrosion
Functional resistance means that this is clever.
Designed machines can withstand strong winds, rain and snow.
Come in at less than £ 20 and it\'s a great option for anyone who doesn\'t want to break the bank on this festival. £18.
99 | Amazon | buy now if you need a light projector for one year-
Use it in a loop and go to this incredibly versatile OKPOW option.
You can get up to 16 color images that can be swapped, and speed up or slow down with the provided remote control.
Unlike some other projector pictures, which are clear and bright, make sure the display is clear.
Other convenient features include built-in waterproof lightsin timer (
6 hours on, 18 hours off)
5w low power consumption. £29.
99 | Argos | buy now this simple design for indoor and outdoor use-to-
Using the projector provides some very rich HD images to make it stand out.
It is equipped with 12 pictures of different occasions, including festive characters for Halloween and Christmas.
Thanks to its powerful laser light, the gadget has a wide range of applications that can cover 5 m² from 15 metres away.
These lights are waterproof and can work at temperatures of minus 15 to 30 degrees. £35.
99 | Amazon | Buy now: GAXmi LED snowfall lights are hard to beat for versatility and value for money.
Its elegant snowfall pattern is suitable for many special occasions, but if you prefer to choose an image, the okpow led projector light and the Yinuo mirmirror 3D projector are all good options.
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