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best of ces 2018: the 10 most exciting new products unveiled at this year’s show

by:XY Screens     2020-02-13
This year\'s Consumer Electronics Show will not officially end until Friday, but everyone knows that all important announcements are released before the end of the next day.
The next day was yesterday, so we can safely say that every big product launch at CES 2018 is behind us.
CES is the largest technology show in the world every year, so CES 2018 undoubtedly sets the tone for the next 12 months.
Long story short, this will be a good year for consumer technology.
We have to look at some of the most impressive new products we \'ve looked at this year\'s show, so it\'s not easy to narrow down all these major announcements to 10.
However, there are some new devices that are more advanced than others, and in this article you will find that we have picked out 10 of the most exciting new products released on CES 2018.
Class & Olufsen BeoSound ShapeBang & Olufsen is a familiar name for enthusiasts around the world.
The brand is known for creating audio products that offer amazing sounds and designs that blur the boundaries between speakers and artwork.
However, with the introduction of the BeoSound Shape, B & O has now officially removed the line.
BeoSound Shape is a modular wireless speaker system consisting of two speakers
\"Tiles\" in a variety of colors \".
The hexagonal design of each tile is perfectly combined with other BeoSound-shaped tiles, allowing people to create art on any wall of the room.
Tiles are made of speakers, amplifiers, sound-
The \"core\" of the sound absorber and the processing connection \".
The system supports sairplay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 4.
1. cable audio input.
As can be seen in the video above, the results are visually amazing, while also providing hi-
Bang & Olufsen is known for its excellent sound.
BeoSound is due to be released on August.
Samsung has released a beautiful new flat-screen TV.
The flat-screen TV on CES 2017 is called a \"frame\" and is designed to look like art hanging on a wall when not in use.
Samsung went further on CES 2018.
The \"wall\" is a modular TV system that combines multiple borderless micro-TVs into a large screen with a diagonal value of up to 146 inch, which can occupy the entire wall.
They have a resolution of 8 k and can be used with fewer panels to make TV that is not too big.
Samsung has yet to announce the price or availability of the wall, but it is certainly one of the most impressive TV makers in the world.
LG\'s iconic oled TV w8lg\'s 2017 oled TV lineup is arguably the best in the world last year, and the company has announced the new LG\'s iconic oled TV w8, continuing to keep the CES 2018 hot
This amazing 77
Inch TV thickness is less than 3mm, use special zero point
The gap mounting system can hang flush on any wall.
How is it possible to make such a thin TV?
The internal components are placed in a connected sound bar so that they do not occupy the space behind the screen as normal.
The W8 will be one of the first TVs powered by LG\'s new Alpha 9 smart processor that powers the new LG ThinQ AI solution, two of Google\'s assistants
Smart home hub enabled.
It also has the same excellent 4 k OLED panel quality that makes LG a market leader.
Sony 4 k Ultra Short projection projector (LSPX-A1)
Ultra Short projection projector (LSPX-A1)
When it was released later this year, it was not found in many families, but it had nothing to do with the lack of accessibility.
Its goal is high-
The final market, the price will be $30,000 when it is released. Sony’sLSPX-
The A1 projector looks like a modern piece of furniture that can sit 9.
6 inch from the wall
Even though the distance is very close, 2,500-
The lumen laser projector is capable of oblique shooting of up to 120 inch of the screen.
The same enclosure comes with a 360 ° Sound glass sound speaker, ensuring the best home theater experience without any additional equipment.
AuraSmart home security is a major theme for this year\'s show, and the new Aura is one of the smartest solutions presented on CES 2018.
This future motion detection system does not use cameras or infrared sensors as it does with existing solutions.
Instead, Aura monitors Wi-
The Fi radio waves fill every home and when the pattern bounces off the walls and objects, it reads the pattern.
When these modes are interrupted, Aura knows that motion is happening, so it can trigger an alarm or a smart home event.
Aura offers a starter kit for $199, covering an area of 700 square feet, which is now available for purchase.
Built-in LG InstaView refrigerator
Nowadays, monitors are becoming more and more common, but you have never seen a monitor like the LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator. This cutting-
The Edge refrigerator has a gorgeous design and 29-
Touch screen display.
It runs webOS and of course shows things like weather, recipes, etc.
But LG\'s new screen has a better feature: knocking on the screen twice and it instantly becomes transparent and shows you what\'s in the fridge behind the door without opening it.
The price of Samsung Notebook 9 PenLaptops on CES is a dime, but nothing is more appropriate than the new Samsung Notebook 9 pens.
The case for this stylish laptop is made of a new material that Samsung calls metal 12, a magnesium alloy designed to be \"very light, but incredibly strong.
\"The laptop itself is essentially a mix of Samsung convertible laptops and Galaxy note devices.
The specifications it provides include the 8 th.
The next-generation Intel Core i7 chipset with 16 gb DDR4 RAM and 512 gb ssd, along with all the stylus features that make the Galaxy Note device great.
The Nvidia Drive xavierautonomus car represents the most exciting technology in the next few years, and Nvidia has just announced the brain that will help make this future come true.
This is a new system. on-a-
The chip solution calledNvidia Drive Xavier is the most complex chipset ever.
Each Xavier chip has more than 9 billion transistors designed to bring a wide range of AI features to self-driving cars.
Starting this quarter, samples will begin shipping to Nvidia\'s car partners.
MirraViz ultra-extreme right Multi-View screen
Currently, a startup based on MirraViz is not a household name, but the new UltraBright MultiView screen can help change that.
This revolutionary projector screen allows users to target two different projectors on the same surface, producing two completely different images.
The special display design reflects each projected image back in the same direction as it came from, allowing two people in different positions to see different images on the same screen.
As you can see in this video, it is also very bright: from $499, the ultra-extreme right Multi-View screen is available now. 99.
Smart adapters are one of many smart adapters. in-
A smart home solution is shown on CES 2018, but this is the only solution with an extremely compact design.
In fact, you don\'t even know where it is.
As seen in the image between the bulb and socket above, the Anyware smart adapter has a wide range of features including lighting and dimming control, motion detection, temperature monitoring, humidity monitoring, and more
The smart adapter also integrates the energy monitor function, which automatically turns off the lights when you leave.
Anyware\'s smart adapter is now available for $75.
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