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best projector under 200

by:XY Screens     2019-11-12
Do you want your projector to achieve the same screen display as your smartphone or iPad?
Don\'t look again.
Thanks to DBPOWER\'s advanced technology, the T21 offers a top-class home theater experience at a very reasonable price. High-
High fidelity images, superior quality and ease of use, and a wide range of applications make the T21 one of the best projectors in its class. 1.
Why choose a portable micro projector for DBPOWER T21?
Easy to use-you can project your smartphone and iPad screen with just a USB cable.
The T21 uses less energy than the wireless projector and is better for the environment and your pocket!
It\'s also more fluid to operate and no longer needs a dongles or HDMI adapter!
LED lighting technology upgrade-
The fan and system sound is brighter than other projectors-
Fan noise is lower than other large screens of similar LED projectors-reducing the pressure the TV screen puts on your eyes.
Relax your eyes from the TV keystone effect. 2.
Specifications: Imaging Technology: tft LCD, brightness: Latest upgrade + 10% lumenContrast: 1000: 1 aspect ratio: 16: 10 projection ratio: 1.
4: 1 native resolution: resolution supported by 800x480 pixels: 1920x1080 pixel keystone: manually correct 15 ° throw distance: 1. 5-
5 MScreen size: 32-176 inches3. Reminders:1)
It is not recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation. 2)
Please turn on Hotspot and Airplay when connecting iphone. 3)
To connect a micro video projector to a PC and laptop, adjust the display resolution of the PC/laptop to 800*600 or 1024*768 for optimal clarity. 4)
Dolby is not supported.
If there is no sound, please turn off Dolby numbers in AppleTV, Blu-
Ray players such as Firestick. 4.
Package content: 1 x DBPOWER mini projector 1 x Remote Control (
Battery not included)1 x 3-in-
1 AV cable, 1 HDMI cable, 1 x user manual.
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