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Birthday party

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
Because of fate, we get together, because of fate, we celebrate our birthday together. May 23, 2012 is destined to be an extraordinary night for the birthday stars, and as a newcomer, my first collective birthday party for the company’s employees felt fresh and exciting. The birthday party site is chosen in the production workshop. In such a site, everyone is proud of it. Because that is our people’s battlefield, where we have struggled for so many days and nights, where everyone’s sweat has been gathered, this is everyone’s home. At 6:40 in the evening, when the host announced the official start of the collective birthday party in April and May, everyone cheered excitedly. Then the company leaders took the stage to give speeches. In their words, I felt the leaders’ full blessings. The warm words made me, a person who had left home, feel more cordial. Although the protagonist today is not me, my excitement is no less than that of the birthday stars. Such a big family makes me feel warm and at home. Next, the host invited the birthday stars to the stage in turn, and Mr. Fang personally gave each birthday present a birthday gift and brought a birthday wreath. The smiles of each birthday star are so sweet, and their happy mood seems to become beautiful blooming flowers on their faces. When the lights went out, everyone sang in unison the familiar and beautiful 'Happy Birthday to you...' The birthday stars gathered together, closed their eyes, and promised what belongs to them in the song of blessings. Birthday wish. When the birthday stars finished their wish to blow out the candles, the audience cheers again. This cheer belongs to the birthday stars and is also a sincere blessing to the birthday stars. This birthday party was attended by not only colleagues from the factory, but also some special guests, new colleagues from the Guangzhou Office and the Shenzhen Office. I think, as newcomers, they should be as excited as I am. At the birthday party, they were called on stage by the host to play games with us. The funny hug game made the colleagues in the audience laugh. The first to step down is our brother Kun and the beauty Xiaojing. But how could the audience in the audience let them go so easily? At the request of everyone, the usually good-tempered brothers Kun and Xiaojing also had to perform a short dance for everyone to safely step down. The next game was even more intense. As the host continued to change the numbers, we sometimes hugged three people, sometimes five people hugged each other, and the people who were eliminated each time could not meet the requirements of the audience and performed the show in sequence. In the last few rounds, I was also unfortunately eliminated (Ps: I want to take a little bit of joy here, maybe because I went down later, everyone was so happy watching the game, and I even forgot the punishment. NS). After a few rounds, as the only female colleague on the stage was eliminated, three victors also emerged. Such a collective birthday party is really eye-opening for me. Seeing the enthusiasm of such a family, the happiness of everyone, always infects me. What I see here is not only the leadership's concern for employees, but also a different kind of family warmth in a harmonious family!
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