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by:XY Screens     2021-10-14
Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it has been three months since I graduated from university. Recalling the reluctance and sentimentality when I first stepped out of campus, the passion and dreams when I first stepped into society, I will always believe in one truth: I will pursue it if I have a dream, regardless of you. Every step you take is so insignificant, but please keep passion and persistence. Passion and persistence are the soul of pursuing dreams. With the dream of the soul, you can spread your wings and fly! After graduating, I came to the city that I have always longed for—Shenzhen alone. I am full of confidence and courage. I have been in the Shenzhen talent market. Every interview is a growth. I can discover my shortcomings and constantly change and improve myself. , Make yourself a better person! Finally, my efforts have been favored by God, and I have come, and when I heard this name for the first time, my heart was full of infinite fantasy-white snowflakes were flying all over the sky, and the sacred and pure snowflakes nourished the earth. It was made by Ruixue. Good harvest! , To benefit the people, to be grateful to the people, and to serve the people sincerely! When I arrived, I saw the flowers blooming so beautifully, just like the affection of roses, the nobility of peony and the purity of lily. Look, this is the flower! The Flower of Friendship: Now, there is no so-called intrigue between colleagues. Colleagues are called friends, sisters and brothers. When working, they work hard to do their own work. After work, laughter is everywhere. I remember one time when I was sorting things in a warehouse. Because of the hot weather and the warehouse was not well ventilated, I was sweating profusely. How could I get a hot word! Suddenly my colleague Ling took a fan and said to me: It's so hot inside, let's blow it with the fan! At that time, I was very moved. At that moment, it was like a cool sea breeze blowing on the Buddha's face. I was grateful! I live in the company’s dormitory. The company provides us with a good accommodation environment. In fact, living in the dormitory feels full of warmth like being at home. The sentence 'Have you eaten? I'm done cooking, let's get together'; one sentence: ' Wear more clothes, it’s easy to catch cold in this weather';...what an ordinary sentence, but it can be heard in a foreign country, how can it not make people feel warm. Whether it's the company, the dormitory or the heart-friendship blossoms! This kind of sincere mutual assistance will last forever! The Flower of Family: I work as an administration in the company, and making an attendance sheet is an administrative must do. When making an attendance sheet, I suddenly discovered that our company has charity funds every month, and the accumulated funds are used In order to help employees in difficulties, for example, a colleague’s child in our company is ill and needs a lot of funds, the company did not hesitate to donate part of the funds to help him tide over the difficulties; another example is that a colleague’s father had an operation recently. It also extended a helping hand, reducing the burden on colleagues. This is the spirit of 'the old and the old and the old, the young and the young, and the young.' This kind of spirit silently explains a kind of family affection, when this kind of love can only be felt at home, it will be there, because it is our other home! Flower of Career: The desire is: to become a leader in the world-class projection industry, and to serve the society to the greatest extent, so that the horizons are different. After the baptism of time and all kinds of difficulties and ups and downs, today's projection industry is standing more confidently in China and the world. Our service philosophy is: patience, thoughtfulness, and striving to move customers. We firmly believe that we will move towards success step by step, regardless of the difficulties encountered on the way, we will overcome and overcome it, the rainbow after the storm will be more beautiful! Now, the flower of friendship, family, career, etc., the flowers bloom and bloom, let us work hard to make each flower bloom more splendid and beautiful! Let us work hard to build a garden and let the fragrance of flowers spread over China and the world! Do you smell the fragrance?
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