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build a projection screen for under $100

by:XY Screens     2020-03-05
When I was looking for the biggest and best home theater I could make money on, I learned a variety of technical terms like lumen ratings and what that means to me.
I was lucky enough to have a friend who borrowed a Panasonic PT-
AE1000U let me experience the home theater.
I felt torture and pain when I had to return his Panasonic projector, which was almost like family.
Of course, this will only arouse my desire for a big screen experience.
Now, in my past article, I talked about how I can use a used screen with a friend projector.
Unfortunately, while this screen looks great, it\'s too big for my little apartment.
This of course means I need a new screen to match the new projector I plan to purchase.
The dilemma here is that I would rather put more money into the actual projector than on the screen. My thinking (
Until I did some research.
Does a good projector work even if I show the movie on the wall?
My wall is White after all, right? Wrong.
From what I found out, the projector as good as possible is only as good as the surface of the screen projected.
Imagine it as an artist\'s painting, but there is no canvas to draw.
My screen surface needs to match the quality of my scheduled projector.
More importantly, I found that a good screen can actually make the average projection image better.
Imagine it as a steroid for a projected image.
The color and reflection quality of the projector screen or projection surface greatly affect what you see.
But due to the limited budget, the real problem is how can I get the most out of it by buying a projector;
Make a projector screen, I dare say.
You said, in today\'s fast food world, everything is customized. why should I get dirty?
The answer is simple. of course, it can be cheaper.
In fact, the average price of the projector screen is between $500 and $1500, and I suddenly find that my projector budget is lower than I expected.
At the same time, a self-made projector screen can run hundreds of dollars.
I even found an article online claiming that you can build the projector screen for less than $100!
Well, this needs to be investigated.
With these savings, I can easily spend more money on buying projectors.
The big question, however, is how good will such a cheap screen be?
After all, if the surface of the projected screen is bad, then my experience in a home movie will also be bad.
I checked the projector screen article for less than $100 and found that it didn\'t sell very well.
To make matters worse, it may be their point of view.
Stupid sales gimmicks fell in love with them.
Now, it\'s just an intuition, but maybe, maybe the article was really written to get me into their website;
So they can sell me something else.
At the end of the article, I found that you really got what you paid.
Cheap screen with wood, Elmer glue and super
Seamless White Paper.
White paper, is this a science project for the first grade?
No, I want to build my home theater on a budget basis, not play pie cake.
The advantage of this article is that compared to the Stewart Grayhawk projector screen, it actually shows a screenshot of the DIY projector screen.
Both use screen shots projected using the Optoma HD7100 projector.
As expected, Elmer\'s glue projector screen performs below average next to the screen of the Grayhawk projector.
The image is dim and the contrast is terrible.
Seriously, I can\'t get my friend to watch the game on a second grade art project called projector screen.
Paper products are best kept for other purposes, such as toilet paper.
There must be a better choice.
After doing more research, I stumbled across a product called Screen Goo.
Created by the Goo system, Screen Goo is equipped with everything you need to build a simple own hands-on projector Screen.
The problem comes up again, is this really a solution?
The price is what I would like to pay because the price is $200 to $300 depending on where you buy it, thankfully Elmer\'s glue doesn\'t.
It does, however;
It contains all kinds of primer, topcoat, baking tray, roller and even self
A tape called flock.
I looked at the company\'s website and found that they had some very impressive screen shots when using this product.
This product looks good, but it is painted on surfaces such as walls.
This is a great product for people who have their own home.
However, since I live in the apartment, this does not work for me, but I can draw screen sticky material on some other surfaces such as wood, plexiglass
Glass or anything else that helps make it portable.
After all, I don\'t want to leave my really cool DIY projector screen to the next person to move into my apartment.
But it makes me think.
If I need to go to my local Home Depot or Lao\'s Home Depot to buy this material to make the screen by myself, why not get the paint and brush there as well?
Well, through more research, I found that there is a difference in technology (
Chemical ratio, etc)
These paint.
Therefore, it is better to purchase special coatings specially formulated for use as projector screen material.
In addition, I found a competitor who screened Goo.
Competition always helps to find a lower price.
DIY Theater sells a product similar to Screen Goo, but you have to pay attention to what is included in it.
Both companies sell a double coat product that is better quality than a DIY cheaper coat product.
The screen sticking two coating products is a little cheaper than the DIY two coatings, which makes me interested in the screen system.
In addition, you must consider the shipping cost of the product;
In fact, some companies offer free shipping, so do your homework.
Now, of course, I\'m thinking of spending a little more than 200, and I\'m starting to wonder if I should wait a little longer and fork the dough on a real screen.
It seems that the next topic to be discussed must be a screen comparison within my budget.
In the long run, there is an old saying that is very real and you get what you pay.
Can you make the projector screen for less than $100? Sure.
Do you really want?
I guess, maybe not.
However, there must be some great products to doit-
You are the kind of person who wants to DIY projector screen.
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