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Buy one get one free on screen quality month brand products

by:XY Screens     2021-08-13
The screen regards quality as the life of an enterprise and the foundation of its development. The screen always puts product quality at the top of the company's development and regards quality as the most important thing for the company. In the face of the projection screen market, the quality of screens varies from good to bad. Consumers suffer heavy losses by illegal acts such as shoddy and counterfeit brands. Faced with such a situation, Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. has set 2019 as the product quality year in 2018, and set April 2019 as the product quality month. The purpose is no matter when and what Under the circumstances, people must strictly demand themselves at all times, pay attention to details, pay close attention to product quality, and make brand products with heart, so that screens can become consumers' satisfaction, and use brand products with peace of mind, peace of mind, and comfort. The laser TV anti-light curtain is the inevitable situation of the future development of the screen, and the anti-light curtain occupies an important position in the screen industry. In order to let more consumers know and understand the anti-light curtain that will have an impact on the future market, let more consumers experience the effect of the laser TV anti-light curtain, and improve the level of consumption and appreciation, the screen decided to limit the time limit during the quality month event. Hold sales and giveaway activities to make brand products bloom infinitely glamorous. Activity content: Any purchase of a 100-inch 16:9 ultra-short throw laser cinema anti-light soft curtain (imported black grid diaphragm) from April 1st to April 8th, 2019 will give a free one of the same product . Limited sale of 199 pieces, while stocks last. Only one piece per person can be purchased. The right to interpret this activity belongs to the Marketing Department. For details, please contact the Marketing Department. Tel: 400-777-3925
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