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buying a fixed projector screen

by:XY Screens     2019-12-29
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When people decide to set up a home theater system at home, people usually scream briefly at the screen.
No matter how high the quality of your projector or video material is, if you don\'t invest in a screen that shows the best of your video, you will be disappointed with the results.
There are two basic types of screens: a screen that scrolls up and down, often called an electric projector screen or a retractable screen, and a fixed projector screen.
The electric projector screen will scroll up and down for you, but they are much more expensive than the fixed screen.
In order to get the best quality, a fixed type of screen is preferable, as there is no need for flexibility in the projection screen material.
Therefore, it can be selected as long as the video display quality is taken into account.
You can buy a high quality fixed projector screen for $200.
However, prices vary greatly depending on the other features included and the actual screen itself.
By doing some research, you should be able to find the differences fairly easily and decide what you want.
What kind of screen material you choose depends mainly on your projector type, the angle people view the screen, how far the projector is from your screen, and how dark your home theater room is.
The contrast of the LCD projector is often low, and the contrast will increase if the calleda high contrast gray screen is used.
A white screen with high contrast will be better if you have a DLP projector.
If your room is not completely dark or the projector is far away, you should choose the so-called high gain screen.
However, for this screen, if you view from a place with only a moderate distance from the side, the brightness of the image will be greatly reduced.
So make your home theater room completely dark if possible and use a bright dlp projector and a white screen without high gain.
As you can see, what you buy depends not only on how much you can pay, but also on the type of projector you use, what\'s more, how dark you can make your home theater.
If you want to use a projector and screen, many people will find that the best option is to choose a room dedicated to this purpose, so you can maximize the darkness and set it to the best viewing effect.
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