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Cameron 3D Film China Company signed a contract in Tianjin to establish

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
The signing ceremony of Cameron-Pace Group (CPG) China Company was held in Tianjin on the afternoon of the 7th, which marked the full launch of the world's most technologically advanced 3D film and television production and equipment Ru0026D base.    Group co-chairman and director James Cameron, co-chairman Vince Pace and Tianjin Haitai Holding Group Chairman Gong Jing and Tianjin North Film Group Chairman Wang Dafang signed a tripartite joint venture agreement, announcing the formal establishment of CPG China. After the establishment of CPG China, it will be committed to the development of 3D film and television technology certification, 3D film and television program production, 3D signal relay services, 3D technology and art professional education and training, 3D technology research and development and equipment production. Tianjin North Film Group will focus on its professional Local advantages such as, talents, etc., provide full support for the development of CPG China.    'Entering the Chinese market is because Chinese audiences love 3D movies. This can be proved from the box office of Titanic. We are willing to provide Chinese audiences with 3D movie support in terms of technology and equipment.' Cameron said.    Ten years ago, China had fewer than 2,000 silver screens, and the total box office was less than 1 billion yuan. As of April 2012, China has 9658 2K digital screens, of which 6,770 support 3D stereoscopic projection, ranking second in the world in the number of screens.
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