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can kogan’s $279 hd projector measure up to the expensive competition?

by:XY Screens     2019-11-20
Mingji GS1 with camping mode is a portable, cable-free, outdoor leisure projector that works well at night.
Enjoy the movie on a 60-inch screen of only 1 m, weighing less than kg, suitable for any space.
Ben: BenQ APACThe Kogan projectors look like other similar products on the market.
Source: SuppliedIMAGINE, if I tell you that a $279 product can provide the same quality as its $999 competitor.
Now imagine if I said the same product would also give money to this $1795 market leader.
Sounds great, don\'t you?
Saved thousands of dollars for basically the same product.
Unfortunately, this is a lie, and in terms of family entertainment, the price is ultimately important.
This is something I recently found while testing Kogan\'s $279 HD projector, hoping it will compete with BenQ\'s GS1 cable --
Free portable projector and LG\'s PF1000UW micro beam ultra short projection projector.
I was impressed with the above models I commented on and I am sure that having a projector to experience home theater is a solid move.
I just don\'t want to spend a lot of money.
In theory, the Kogan model is impressive and I have high hopes for it.
It supports input signals up to 1080 p with projections up to 120-
Inch, provides an incredible lamp life of over 50,000 hours.
In terms of input, the HD projector has two HDMI and USB ports, a VGA connector, and ports for Component Video and composite a/V.
Sadly for those who wish to use the product for free viewing, there is no antenna connectionto-
This means you need to connect an external set-top box to meet these needs.
There are three.
Wireless and Bluetooth 4, 5mm stereo audio output is not available in Kogan. 0 connection-
Both of these more expensive models offer these features.
A battle won by Kogan products on paper was 3000 lumens-
Amount of light emitted per second-
It is provided to the project super-bright images.
In contrast, GS1 has only 330 lumens, while PF1000UW has 1000 lumens.
Kogan claims that \"the brightness of the 3000 lumens is in super-
There are no vivid details of overexposure \", but unfortunately I don\'t agree.
It\'s white bones, but that\'s part of the reason you save so much.
Source: supply EDI found that the images were slightly overexposed, especially compared to the experience provided by the other two.
I would even say that I prefer the brightness of the bright base to the overexposure of Gao Gen.
Compared to LG, there is no competition for PF1000UW to blow it out of the water.
LG and BenQ projectors are also standard, including all the streaming apps you expect on smart TVs like Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, and any app store that may be lost.
Sadly, Kogan doesn\'t have such a product, which means you need to connect your laptop through an HDMI cable to watch any streaming service.
What is impressive is Kogan\'s in-
The built-in two-channel stereo speaker is enough, although it would be nice to see my speaker have an optical audio port.
While it will definitely drop, the Kogan product is far from complete written form
If you want a cheap projection solution, you can find a place at home.
All you need to understand is that with more advanced models on the market, it will not provide the same quality as you.
The best way I can describe this difference is to watch HD movies, not pirated movies made with cameras in cinemas.
You will certainly notice the difference in quality depending on whether you are willing to accept it or not.
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