Can naked-eye 3D outdoor LED advertising display become a new trend in the market _Outdoor LED Displ

Can naked-eye 3D outdoor LED advertising display become a new trend in the market? _Outdoor LED Display|Outdoor LED Advertising Large Screen

by:XY Screens     2021-08-20
Regarding whether naked-eye 3D outdoor LED advertising displays can become a new trend in the market, I will first introduce the two technologies of naked-eye 3D technology: First: barrier technology (barriertechnology)    The characteristic of this technology is that it does not require mold opening. The corresponding slit grating can be made at any time according to the designer's design parameters, so as to realize naked eye 3D.   Disadvantages: The loss of light transmittance is as high as 70% or more. Second: lenticular lens technology (lenticularlenstechnology)    The characteristics of this technology are: the light transmittance is as high as 95%. The technical difficulty is: high-precision design of its pitch and r. Disadvantages: each model of TV or monitor must The cost is relatively high for mold opening production. The current situation of the naked-eye 3D market:    One, TV manufacturers have begun to intervene in development and research.   Second, TFT panel manufacturers have been involved in development and research. 3. Toshiba has successfully produced naked-eye 3D TV-56 inches. In recent years, LED display as the mainstream outdoor billboard in the market is almost all over the streets and alleys of the city, becoming the largest media carrier for advertising. The effect requirements are more stringent. As the leader of domestic LED display, Huaze Optoelectronics has built many high-quality outdoor LED advertising large screens. The high-quality LED display with perfect display picture and stable effect is fully capable of presenting '3D' effects, which is more conducive to the advertising brand. spread. Imagine that the 3D effect advertisement is perfectly presented on the outdoor LED display. Its vivid and lifelike images will also play a greater role in dressing up the city and become a beautiful scenery!    Recently, Guangzhou Tianhe Guangbai Department Store Outdoor A Coca-Cola '3D' dinosaur advertisement played on the LED advertising screen attracted attention. The advertisement screen first showed a glass curtain wall that simulated the decoration style of the building. By adjusting the brightness of the screen to match the ambient light, the realm of 'wall screen integration' was achieved. , Suddenly the 'curtain wall' began to shatter, and then a huge dinosaur broke through the 'wallSo, is this the popular 'naked-eye 3D' technology nowadays?    In fact, the so-called outdoor naked-eye 3D LED advertising display means that people can see two pictures with parallax from the display screen without wearing 3D glasses. , The object image is reflected by the brain to achieve a three-dimensional visual effect. The '3D' effect of Coca-Cola's advertisement is not through technical processing of the playback equipment, but an advertising method that creates a 3D visual illusion through the depth of field picture with a strong sense of depth and the parallax principle of the human eye.  In the era of eyeball economy, traditional outdoor displays can no longer attract people's attention. For this reason, outdoor 3D LED advertising display screens came into being. It provides an unimaginable and creative way to bring people a new visual impact. It can be said that 3D outdoor advertising is currently the most intuitive kind of scene in the world. Advertising means, which relies on realistic effects and gorgeous visual feelings to attract consumers, thereby enhancing brand publicity. It has been used by more and more businesses and has become a new model of outdoor advertising investment.  First of all, the naked-eye 3D outdoor LED advertising display enhances the effect of advertising and attracts people's attention. 3D advertising itself is a visual game, and people’s eyes are easily deceived by the illusion it creates, thinking that the scenes on the screen are real, making people feel immersive. Therefore, it is easy for people to be attracted to it and stay for a long time, which increases people's enthusiasm for participation. Secondly, advertising companies and media owners will pay special attention to and apply new media technologies such as 3D technology in order to improve their own level. In addition, the emergence and development of 33DLED advertising display screens are an inevitable result of the development of outdoor advertising technology. The emergence and wide application of every new technology will inevitably cause production changes in related industries and even the entire society, and the outdoor advertising industry is no exception. Now in terms of outdoor advertising technology, outdoor naked-eye 3DLED advertising display screens are constantly being matured and improved, which will inevitably bring outdoor advertising to a higher level on the original basis.
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