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[Can the white wall replace the projection screen] Projection screen application skills

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
Needless to say, projection screens cost money. So we receive a lot of emails every day to inquire about whether the white wall can replace the projection screen? The answer is very simple: Yes, just like you add substandard gasoline to your car, Porsche, it can also run, but you can't get excellent performance! The projection screen has special optical materials in order to improve its reflective performance. However, a white wall is totally unacceptable. If you want, you can use a white wall as a projection screen and get a viewable picture. You can compare it with a screen, and you will find that the image on the white wall is not as good as the screen in terms of brightness, contrast, or color saturation. Similarly, to a greater extent, the image on the white wall is not as good as the screen in terms of brightness, contrast, or color saturation. Clarity and sharpness are also lost. Finally, based on the image of the wall, you will conclude that the image quality of the projector is not as good as the actual output. In addition, the important point is that you have overlooked a factor that is not the screen itself, but the frame of the screen. If there is a fixed black fixed frame surrounding the image, it can improve the visual quality of the picture itself. Therefore, unless you paint a black rectangle on your wall, you will lose this vital visual experience. Now, as the home theater has just started, if you use a wall, please firmly believe that a white wall is better than anything else. It must be white. Please don’t paint it gray. It is like copying the Stewart Firehawk model screen. You can’t. The essential charm of the Stewart Firehawk model screen is mainly in its optical materials, not simply its gray surface. The image of the gray wall is much darker than the image of the white wall. If the wall is painted black, you will not see the image at all! Let us consider briefly: projectors are constantly being upgraded every year, just like our DVDs, audio equipment, etc. However, high-quality projection screens will be used for a lifetime, so we recommend that you do a long-term Investment, change your mind, plan the screen in your budget, and make a one-time investment in the screen. If you are very concerned about the image quality of the projection screen, then you will be very proud of your investment!
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