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Can you make the wall 'talk' with the big screen?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
Nowadays, under the guidance of the country's general policy of driving the modernization of education with information visualization, various institutions of higher learning, primary and secondary schools have been constructing and transforming one after another. As the best equipment for large-screen display, LCD splicing screens are widely used in school meeting rooms, academic lecture halls, lecture halls, multimedia classrooms and proctoring systems. The campus cultural wall display reflects its impeccable importance. Splicing screen can make the wall 'talkThe test transcript is announced through signal transmission, showing campus culture, reflecting the course schedule, etc. The LCD splicing screen can also be used in the academic lecture hall to enhance the interest of academic exchanges through interaction. The LCD splicing screen can also monitor the situation of the examination room on multiple screens. Can you quickly and effectively solve the unexpected situation of the exam, do you make all of these? This has played a role in improving teaching efficiency at a high speed in the education industry. The ultra-wide vision ensures that the image display is not deformed or distorted. In addition to improving the interest of teaching, it can also ensure the quality of teaching.
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