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Carefully prepare for double eleven, waiting for you to come crazy

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Seeing the screen, the beauty has the feeling of flying! The winter solstice is here, and it's still on the way...Although before the winter solstice, many places in northern my country have already had the first snow of this winter. As of the winter solstice, there is no sign of snow in Shenzhen. The high temperature makes the expectant people feel more helpless. The Double Eleven created by Jack Ma's father will soon be ten years old. At this time, all the bachelor prawns were ready to chop their hands. Those who can leave the order sharpen their heads and think about ways to leave the order, and those who can't leave the order think of ways to prepare for it. At this time, the bachelor prawns from all walks of life can be said to have their magical powers and their abilities. The Singles' Day, which used to be seen by everyone, has now become a hot and crazy shopping festival. Alipay, Tmall, Taobao, etc. were very busy, and the courier companies were so busy that the express brothers were soft. On Double Eleven, discounts are the trump card played by major merchants. Not to mention the quality, the price is enough to attract consumers' attention. On Double Eleven, if there is a timely snow, it will add infinite romance to the crazy shopping festival. Perhaps because of the romance, many bachelors will leave the order. With the screen, love will come naturally! This year's Double Eleven may be different from the past. The unreliable trade war may change this year's Double Eleven more or less. As far as Shenzhen is concerned, preparations for Double Eleven this year are different from the past. In previous double elevens, we will prepare carefully according to the needs of the public and try our best to cater to everyone's tastes. But this year is different. This year's Double Eleven, Shenzhen has its own considerations. For 2018, it is different from the past. The opening of the Anhui factory provides the necessary conditions for the improvement of our quality and price. This year's Double Eleven, in addition to price concessions, the most important thing is to make a solid brand with quality, brand, and taste. Therefore, this year's Double Eleven will not talk about romance or affection this year, but only talk about the brand's best anti-light curtain to prepare for Double Eleven. The anti-light screens participating in Double Eleven in 2018 include: anti-light hard screen and anti-light soft screen. Standard, non-standard, tailor-made anti-light curtains, this year's Double Eleven, we only do brands, brands, and brands. Such quality and favorable price. When buying a screen, there is no reason not to choose. Is there any reason not to smash Shenzhen severely with a single sheet, so that it will be soft?
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