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Case: Taiyuan Education Demonstration Base 5D Motion Cinema

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
The Demonstrative Comprehensive Practice Base of Taiyuan City, as a key education project for the people's livelihood of the Taiyuan City Government, is also a project for the benefit of young students in Taiyuan City. Including sports hall, comprehensive building, experience building, canteen, student apartment, grandstand, school gate, etc., the total land area is 76,899 square meters. After the completion of the project, full coverage rotation education and training will be conducted for primary and middle school students in the city. Each rotation training time is one week, and each period can accommodate about 2,000 people for boarding and lodging and closed training at the same time. SNOWHITE has built a 5D dynamic cinema in the demonstration base. The so-called 5D dynamic cinema is a new type of film and television product composed of 3D stereoscopic movies with environmental special effects, which enhances the audience's sense of real experience by giving the audience the physical stimulation of the linkage of the movie content. The entire theater is located on the first floor of the sports hall, with a room area of u200bu200b17.2×7.6 meters. In order to allow students to experience the wonders of the science fiction world without leaving their homes. SNOWHITE uses two engineering projectors 3D fusion system and a 7.2-meter electric giant metal screen according to the on-site environment, with a stereo projection system. When playing industrial-grade stereo videos, it has high picture clarity, high brightness, and good color reproduction. sex. SNOWHITE customized 64-seat electric dynamic seats with a central control system. Following the movie scene, you can feel the up, down, left and right, and front and back movements such as rising, falling, shaking, pitching, dodge, and impact in real time. SNOWHITE designs a 5.1 multi-channel surround sound system, which can simulate airplane flight, thunder, etc., so that the sound of the stereo movie can also be stereoscopic, forming a real three-dimensional space. SNOWHITE has arranged a series of special effects equipment such as bubble machine, fog machine, bubble machine, snow machine, lightning machine, spray rain system, etc. according to the actual environment of the scene, which can do bubble simulation, smoke simulation, and snow simulation. , Lightning simulation, rain simulation, etc. increase the audience's immersive sense of integration and excitement. SNOWHITE focuses on the development, production and sales of dome theater system integration, 3D theater system integration, 360-degree ring projection, holographic projection, and large-screen fusion systems.
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