ceiling mount video projector: installation tips for proper installation of a ceiling mount video pr

ceiling mount video projector: installation tips for proper installation of a ceiling mount video projector

by:XY Screens     2019-11-24
Modern home theater projectors offer a very detailed presentation of movies, HD TVs and sporting events.
Owners of media rooms wishing to replicate the mobile theater experience often choose to hang projectors on the ceiling.
When faced with space constraints, the ceiling mounted video projector provides a stylish look that does not interfere with the placement of furniture or the movement of the occupants of the room.
The ceiling mounting bracket of the projector has a general variety and is also dedicated to the manufacturer.
Ceiling mounting options are available for almost all modern video projectors.
It is important to check the complexity of the installation before purchasing the projector, especially if the ceiling installation is the only option.
The projector must also be able to display the Upside Down image as it will be attached to the ceiling from the bottom.
The key element of the ceiling installation video projector is positioning.
Different projector models have a unique throwing ratio, that is, the relationship between the projector distance and the screen width.
The throwing ratio is usually 1. 8 or 2.
1 to 1, meaning 1.
The screen width is 8 feet throw distance per foot.
In order to reduce errors in the calculation of the throwing ratio, it is strongly recommended to use a projector with Zoom function and lens shift.
Ceiling installation is the most successful if planned.
In particular, when the power outlet is placed near the projector holder with the HDMI extension cord, the wiring works best.
The cabling system provides the simplest installation flexibility during home construction and will provide the most professional finished appearance.
The position of the ceiling bracket should leave the projector at the center of the screen height and screen width when permanently connected.
This may require an extension rod that will reduce the position of the projector relative to the screen.
The newer ceiling bracket has a telescopic rod that can accommodate the installation that requires a variable drop.
Ceiling installation should include installation hardware of appropriate size and detailed instructions.
Chains, fixtures and load-bearing bolts can be used to increase stability.
Brackets can be mounted to a wide range of ceiling building types, including shoe covers, plywood, upstairs floors and concrete.
A angled ceiling may require an adjustable adapter to provide the necessary angle to make the projector square with the screen.
After drilling holes on the pallet and screwing the bolts into the projector, the power and HDMI cables can be connected to the device.
Using the parts and tools provided, the projector can be securely secured to the ceiling.
After inserting the projector and turning on the projector, center the image using the zoom and lens offset function to match the screen size exactly.
Most projectors provide positioning grids in their installation software.
Another option is to purchase the reference DVD, which will provide a positioning template and a color reference. Image: www. projectorzone.
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