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ces 2014: leaving las vegas in a driverless car, one day

by:XY Screens     2020-02-17
I\'m not leaving Las Vegas in my own car.
But I can imagine that International CES will do that one day.
The latest technology event shows the real mind of the \"auto car\" that takes over driving --
Virtual reality and other gorgeous technologies are expected to change the way we move, work, exercise, and watch TV naturally.
First from the Oculus Rift virtual reality month-D goggles.
They are still just a prototype, and the initial appeal will be reflected in video gamers.
But there are all kinds of possible applications in architecture, real estate, medicine and other forms of entertainment.
You get a real sense of presence \".
\"There is no official news about availability, but Oculus has opened the device to developers and wants to price the consumer.
\"We believe this will open up the realm of virtual reality . \"
Founder and CEO of Brendan Iribe
I tried it myself. I agree.
Iribe says you can take a virtual reality vacation.
\"Imagine, put a 360
There are also cameras with audio on Mount Everest or Barcelona beach.
\"More: Full coverage of CES 2014 at Intel\'s booth, this is the beginning --
The baby jumpsuit, known as Mimo, shows embedded machines
Washable sensor
These pajamas are on a doll.
Communicate with turtle via Bluetooth
Wireless Monitor and lilypad-
Base station.
Mimo can monitor your baby\'s breathing and skin temperature in real time, and you can track it on your iPhone. The $199.
99 costs include threeavailable in 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-
12 months size, 2 packs per size).
Yes, wearable computers are everywhere.
This spring, the $59 to $79 Lumo elevator tracker is coming soon.
You can wear them on the lapels like jewelry, or you can buckle them on a bra or underwear.
Like some other wearable devices, Lumo Lift can count your steps and calories burned.
But it can also analyze your body\'s position and posture.
When it comes to posture, one day you will find your TV bent.
At least 85 in amazing and curved-
The Inch 4 k TV Samsung is showing.
Press the button on the remote control and a hidden motor bends the TV into a curved one.
At this point it\'s just a prototype and Samsung won\'t say when this TV will come out, let alone how much money you need to mortgage to buy one.
\"What we want to show is the future of flexible displays,\" said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America . \".
Reality Check: The future of TVWhile is easily tempted by buzz
In a major trade show environment, valuable technology, shortly before the reality comes, you understand that something you see will hardly affect the market, while other innovations are almost certain, it will take longer to achieve this.
Like last year\'s CES, this time the main driving force revolves around a large number of 4 k TVs that cannot be missed while patrolling the main hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
The resolution of the TV is four times that of high-definition TV, representing the next big hope for the industry to boost its sluggish profits.
Three or four years ago, CES was three-
But we know how that movie came from. Even as 3-
D becomes the standard function of the Current TV, and consumers seem to care very little-
When they still have to wear those annoying 3-D glasses.
What is the end of 4 k still to be seen, but I don\'t think consumers are high about cheap
The def series TVs they recently bought are clamoring for the latest ones, even though they look good.
Don\'t get me wrong.
I would love to have one, and I hope that 4 k will eventually become the norm.
However, ordinary TV viewers may not see enough difference between HD and 4 k to spend a lot of loot on one TV.
Not yet.
Sony CEO hirhirai told reporters that it may take five to seven years for 4 k to become mainstream.
The manufacturer did not give up completely 3-D, either.
At the sharp booth, you can be at 3-
From the Life of Pi or in 85-inch 8K —yes, 8K —TV.
This is a very impressive demonstration of glasses. free 3-
It could be D.
What about the curved TV?
Samsung\'s Baxter says the curved TV creates \"an immersive experience that puts you in the best seat at home.
\"Of course, what I see here is sweet.
You have to manually press the remote control button on the Samsung flexable prototype to make it go from plane to surface.
Depending on what you\'re watching, is it possible that such a TV will eventually automatically change from flat to curved?
We can also watch the game in other ways.
Sony\'s ultra-short projection projector uses a laser to embed 147-
There is a 4 k image on the wall above it.
It came to the United States. S.
This summer, but don\'t start making room for it unless you have $30,000 to $40,000 of your own space.
Panasonic is showing the TV, making suggestions on what you might want to see based on previous viewing habits.
Fred Grever, head of Twitter TV, said that in the next few years, TV (
And related programming
Will find you, not what you see through the e-programming guide.
What\'s next: cars, sensors and smart devices, and a variety of biometric security devices.
The one that caught my attention. literally —
It\'s EyeLock Myris.
When you stare at it, Hockey
The shaped device authenticates your identity by identifying the iris in each of your eyes --
Allows you to log in to a PC, Mac, or secure website.
Only DNA certification is more accurate, the company claims.
I am a passenger of Ford Taurus and am checking various vehiclesto-vehicle (v2v)
Ford is testing.
The presentation shows how the vibration motor on the back of the seat and the LED light triggered by the radar sensor appear on the windshield to help alert the driver to avoid possible collisions.
The brake bracket is also integrated.
I am interested in the possibility of a car that I drive myself, at least for a large part of the time, because human drivers have to be prepared just in case.
To what extent may this happen?
\"To be honest, no one knows,\" said Paul maskanas, Ford\'s chief technology officer.
\"Obviously, the handover between the driver and the vehicle and the handover between the driver and the driver is a key part of the development,\" he said . \".
Ultimate benefits of self-driving cars
Mascarenas does not like the word \"driverless\"
Provide safer, more fuel
It also helps efficient vehicles that reduce traffic congestion.
Of course, there are many technical and legal obstacles that must be overcome throughout the decade and beyond, and the most important of which is social acceptance.
Werner Huber, who is in charge of BMW\'s research work in this area, said that at the beginning, you must keep driverless under control.
This has begun to happen in some vehicles through the self. Parking lot.
Cars have to be like humans, and then some-
It is possible to anticipate that another car or pedestrian will get in the way.
Another big benefit, says Werner, is that when the car is driving for you, you come back on your own --
Let you catch up with e-commerce
Mail, work or relax.
Just don\'t expect to see a big-
The screen TV shows up when you wait for the vehicle to let you regain control.
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