Characteristics and market applications of transparent LED screens_LED display manufacturers|Huaze O

Characteristics and market applications of transparent LED screens_LED display manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-01
In current urban construction, more buildings will choose glass curtain walls on the exterior, which looks high-end and atmospheric. It is the widespread use of glass curtain walls that make LED transparent screens gain a wider market, so today I will take you to understand the characteristics and market applications of LED transparent screens. The characteristics of the LED transparent screen (1) The high light transmittance is as high as 95%, which ensures the indoor illumination from the LED display and glass windows. (2) Ultra-small thickness and light weight. The panel thickness is less than 10 cm, and the weight is less than 15 kg per square meter. It can be fixed on the glass window or hung on the ceiling without changing the building structure. (3) Sub-steel structure is not required, saving a lot of installation and maintenance costs. (4) Perfect advertising effect, full of artistic feeling, video is like flying on glass. (5) Compared with the screen installed outdoors, it is easy to maintain, fast and safe. (6) Compared with ordinary LED display screens, no additional cooling system is required for power saving, and the power saving rate reaches more than 30%, which has a good environmental protection effect. (7) High brightness, more than 3600 nanometers, can be used in day and night time. Five questions about transparent LED displays (1) In terms of resolution and transparency, you must choose him. If you are looking for a high-resolution transparent LED display, you must have sacrificed transparency because the PCB should be closer. If you choose high transparency, the pixel pitch will be larger, which will affect the overall display effect. It will not be so obvious when the transparent LED display has a larger area, so this is a difficult choice, depending on the project. (2) After-sales service: The transparent LED display shows stable display. First of all, in the market, some manufacturers are using side-light SMD transparency. The versatility, uniformity and stability of LED display screens are poor, and the cost is high. QFN IC drivers make it difficult to service. The number of transparent LED displays is small, and most of them are customized, so customers choose high costs. It is waterproof and non-sticky, and the glue can be repaired. (3) How to make it truly 'transparent'? True transparency means that the LED display and the glass window should match exactly. (4) Standardization or customization? Standardization reduces costs, and customization will match the structure of the LED display with the glass window. (5) The design of the LED transparent screen makes the contrast of the LED display very low, so the video content is very important. Just put the content you want to show on the screen and remove the background color. The market of LED transparent screen The new LED transparent screen opens up a new application field and has great market potential. It is especially suitable for the construction media field, adapting to the new market demand, and is a new outdoor media resource. From the research results, modern glass windows cover an area of u200bu200bmore than 70 million square meters. They are located in big cities and have a large potential market. Since advertising value has not yet been developed, glass walls are a new area of u200bu200badvertising. The scope of application covers many areas such as urban landmarks: urban buildings, airports, car showrooms, hotels, banks, chain stores, etc., which have good advertising value and are covered by glass windows.
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