Chinas film industry 10 billion starting line policy to promote the development of the film industry

China's film industry 10 billion starting line policy to promote the development of the film industry

by:XY Screens     2021-09-27
In 2010, China's movie box office officially entered the'ten billion era', reaching a record high of 10.172 billion yuan, and the total number of screens reached 6,256. However, for China, which has a population of 1.3 billion, the box office of 10 billion yuan is only 1/10 of that of the United States. In an exclusive interview with a reporter from 'International FinanceThe film industry has been blocked for many reasons. Yin Gang, a joint venture with the Hong Kong-listed film company Bigao Group to operate mainland cinemas, has 20 years of experience in the cinema industry, and can be said to be the “veteran” of the mainland cinema industry. The mainland box office has entered the'ten billion era', which in the eyes of others is the success of Chinese people, but in his opinion, it is different.  'I am ashamed of the tens of billions era. Faced with the 1.3 billion population in the mainland, the box office of movies should be calculated at 100 billion. 'Yin Gang believes that China is the world's second largest economy and the world's largest in many industries, from automobile manufacturing to the animation industry. Since China has countless number one, why is the development of China's film industry lagging behind?   Yin Gang said that there are currently three problems with the Chinese film industry. The first is that the infrastructure is too small and poor, and there are too many films but not enough movie theaters.   The second is that the fare is too high. 'As a result, the occupancy rate of movie theaters is low, averaging only 5%, and only 14.3% in first-tier cities, but the occupancy rate in countries such as South Korea can reach 38%. 'He pointed out that the lowest fare in the mainland is at least 35 yuan, and some are as high as 150 yuan. He hopes that as the movie theaters continue to increase, each ticket can be reduced to 15 to 20 yuan. In addition, the lack of cinema facilities and technology is also a major problem.  Policy to promote the development of the film industry  Yin Gang believes that film is the best channel to promote Chinese culture and improve China’s soft power. The relevant provisions are listed in the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan to strongly support the film culture industry. Regarding the development of the downstream of the film industry, the policy will encourage further deepening of the theater system reform, the development of cross-regional scale theaters, characteristic theaters and digital theaters, and further strengthen the construction of urban digital theaters, and encourage various types of capital to invest in the construction of commercial theaters and communities. cinema. In order to seize this opportunity, China Pictures established a joint venture company-BiGao Cinemas with BiGao Group this year, and invested and managed high-end digital cinema business in the Mainland. It plans to build no less than 36 cinemas and cinema screens within 3 years. No less than 260 yuan, at least more than 30,000 seats. Up to now, in just 7 months, Bigao Group has opened 8 theaters, the number of existing screens has exceeded 50, and the speed of development is impressive.   Yingang plans to open 12 theaters each year. Next year, 10 theaters will be set up. The total number of screens will be at least about 100. They are located in the southwest, east and south regions of China. The estimated investment cost will reach 300 million to 400 million yuan. According to Yingang, the average return on investment of movie theaters operated in the past six months was not less than 25%. In addition, Biga Cinemas also expects to break out of the mainland market in the future and enter the cinema industry in Hong Kong and Macau, China. It plans to establish relatively large-scale cinemas in the two places within two to three years. He is confident that within five years, Bigao Cinema will become the country's three largest cinema operators.
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