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China's largest movie theater opens, China's giant screen is comparable to IMAX

by:XY Screens     2021-09-27
16,873 square meters, if we are talking about a stadium, it is not too small, but if I tell you this is the area of u200bu200ba movie theater, I am afraid you will lose the big teeth-as the largest movie theater in China, it is also The first 'Chinese Giant Screen' cinema in Central China, the Giant Screen Cinema in Wuhan Optics Valley has recently officially opened for business, which also means that 4 star cinemas in the Optics Valley area have staged a PK on the same stage. The reporter was on the same stage yesterday. In an interview with the cinema, Yuan Yong, general manager of the cinema, expressed his confidence in the box office potential of the Optics Valley area, 'it can reach at least 200 million, or even 500 million.' Giant Screen Cinemas is located on the fourth floor of the Optics Valley Capital Building. With an investment of more than 70 million yuan, it contains 11 halls, 2500 seats, and covers including Chinese giant screen, 3D, 4D and other cinemas. How big is the studio? The reporter was a little dizzy during the site visit yesterday. If it were not for the staff to lead the way, it would be completely possible to get lost. The biggest advantage of the 'China Giant ScreenYuan Yong said, 'China Giant Screen' is a giant screen system developed by China Film Group on behalf of the country. It is a master film, so we can also enjoy the movie 1 to 3 days in advance.' It is understood that the ticket price of 'China Giant Screen' is twice as expensive as ordinary movies. At present, there are 4 star-rated cinemas near Optics Valley Plaza, and 2 more movie theaters are under construction. Will such a fierce competition environment end up causing 'everything to lose'? Yuan Yong did not agree: “There were 3 movie theaters in Optics Valley before, with a total box office of 70 million last year. There are so many college students, young white-collar workers, and a new city. I think it’s at least 200 million, or even 500 million.” He Said that such a big box office cannot be completely eaten by a single one. 'Wanda, People, and Hengdian on Jianghan Road have also grown together. It is not said which one has eaten which one.'
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