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choosing a digital projector

by:XY Screens     2019-11-18
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Whether you\'re looking for a digital projector for home theater use or as a travel salesman, there\'s a projector for your needs.
One of the wonders of the digital projector market is that there are so many projectors to choose from today.
Of course, this makes it difficult for you to choose the right one.
With the following information, you can make the right choice better.
Digital projector-\"your requirements for different environments the projector has different functions depending on the specific needs and circumstances.
Many people will want a projector that can be good in many cases.
While these exist, the more specific you are about what you need in your environment, the more satisfied you are with the final purchase.
If you choose a projector to use in an office meeting room or home theater, your interest in portability is not as good as your interest in amazing videos.
Customers at home theaters should look for greater contrast than higher lumens.
Each environment is different and the projector is used differently.
By understanding the different elements that make up the projector specifications, you can choose the right projector as needed.
The digital projector measures the lumens brightness of the projector in ANSI lumens.
The light output range of most mainstream projectors is 800 to 4000 lumens.
There are smaller pico projectors with much less output.
The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the output.
The factors that affect the effective brightness of the projector are the distance of the image projection and the amount of ambient light in the room.
The amount of lumens needed in the projector depends on the brightness of the room where the video or picture is viewed.
The office meeting room is a place to keep the room light at normal levels.
Therefore, projectors with higher lumens are more popular.
Is the meeting room full of windows and if you want a projector with a higher rated light this makes it difficult to dim ambient light.
It is recommended to use the Lumen rating from 2000 and above.
The size of the room will also determine the desired output.
It is possible to have greater control over the lighting of the home theater.
The biggest difference between a home theater and a conference room is that viewers only focus on the screen when watching a movie at home.
The audience does not need to take notes or see the host display project on the screen.
Home theater users will find that the lighting can be well controlled if the room is small, and the 800 lumens can be a lot.
The projector for the travel representative needs to be more flexible.
As a representative, you never know the exact situation of each speech.
Mistakes on one side of too many lumens are usually a safer option.
If you usually do presentations for groups in an office environment, there can be a lot of 1000 lumens projectors.
However, if you are often in a large auditorium, you should still consider using a projector of 2000 lumens or higher, even if ambient light can be lowered.
Digital projector resolution the resolution of the projector refers to how many rows of pixels are in the image from left to right and up and down.
The standard TV image is 480 lines.
HDTV is 720 or higher.
The higher the resolution of the projector, the higher the quality of the input signal it will display.
It is usually best to match the source input resolution and projector resolution if possible.
In a business environment where most presentations run from a computer, matching the resolution of a computer and projector is a simple thing.
Travel reps who always use their own computers
The projector combination is easier to match with resolution.
Office settings often have different input sources, depending on the computer that a particular presentation uses.
The home theater environment has the greatest potential mismatch between the input source and the projector.
The input source resolution may be different for each device inserted in it.
Nevertheless, the higher the resolution of the projector, the better the final image.
The projector with high resolution output will never make the original source image better than the original (
VHS still looks like VHS).
However, it will make the high resolution source image look better than the low resolution projector.
Resolution is usually expressed in two different ways.
One is a number and the other is a set of letters.
This can be confusing when a report format is used on one projector, but when another report format is used on another projector, you compare.
Standard format wide screen vga720 x 480wga848x480SVGA800x600WSVGA964x544XGA1024x768 WXGA
The contrast of the H1280 x 720SXGA1280x1024WXGA1366x768 digital projector is the difference between the dark and bright extremes on the projected image.
In a corporate environment where most presentations are text and charts, high contrast is not required.
However, if a projector is used at a photo company to show the customer\'s amazing images, then a higher contrast is desirable.
In home theater use, you want to see a higher contrast.
This will make your video image smoother.
There will be fewer \"hot\" areas in the image.
The higher contrast of the projector will bring a better drama experience to the audience.
Digital projector-LCD.
In terms of projectors, two technologies compete with each other.
These are LCD and DLP.
LCD technology consists of three color LCD glass panels through which light can produce color images projected on the screen.
The DLP projector reflects the light of the panel that produces the color and image.
LCD usually provides better color brightness and accuracy, while DLP provides better contrast, however, the more expensive LCD projector has begun to match DLP in contrast.
For the number of features available, DLP projectors are usually also smaller.
In terms of the money you spend, you will get more light output from the LCD projector than the DLP projector.
Which one is better, neither.
The difference between the two technologies is largely insignificant.
If you have the opportunity to watch two similar projectors with each of these two technologies, you will be able to tell the difference in video images.
But you decide which one is better.
It may be better for some types of images (
LCD for company spreadsheets)
, But the other is better for other types of images (
DLP for high contrast images).
They are all very good systems, and your choice of the projector should probably be measured by other factors mentioned above, not just which projection technique to use.
Other factors of the digital projector when purchasing the projector, there are many other factors to consider, but the above information covers the biggest points.
Some other factors are only important when you choose two good projectors that fit everything you need, but not sure which one is better.
For example, if you buy a projector for a home theater and you have two identical machines, you will want to choose a quieter machine.
The size of the noise may not be too much of a problem for a large conference room, and therefore does not matter.
However, for meeting rooms where many different users will connect to various machines, it is a good function to be able to connect the computer wirelessly.
Take some time to learn about different factors that make one projector more suitable for different situations than the other and you will be happy with your purchase decision.
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