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Christmas, let's watch an unforgettable movie together!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
Christmas is here, do you think about how to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with your friends? If you don't have any plan friends, you can choose to watch a movie together. What are the movies released on Christmas 2017? Friends who like European and American blockbusters can watch the following blockbusters recommended by me: Avatar 2 Released on December 25, 2017 Genre: Science fiction action Region: United States Starring: Sam Worthington Zoe Saldana Sigourney Introduction to Weaver: Now 'Avatar 2' has been successfully started and is being filmed. It will lead us to explore Pandora's underwater world. It will also show us another side of Pandora, giving us an unprecedented experience. According to Cameron himself, this sequel will add a lot of Chinese elements, and will invite Chinese actors to play important roles, and even in order for the actors to perform more realistically and better, he also led all the starring and production teams of the movie to Amazon. Experience the life of local residents in the tropical rain forest. I believe such a dedicated masterpiece will never disappoint us, let us wait and see! The King of Circus will be released on December 25, 2017 Genre: Drama, Song and Dance Region: United States Starring: Hugh Jackman Profile: Deadline calls Fuchs Already budgeting and recruiting soldiers, I hope to start shooting tomorrow. If successful, this will be Hollywood’s first original, live-action, musical, and movie in the past 22 years. However, due to the original script rather than the remake, there have been twists and turns before, and the script is still rewritten by Bill Condon. Uncle Hugh starred in the legendary American circus (profiteer) P·T·Barnum. The Strongest Show on Earth Released on December 25, 2017 Genre: Biographical Songs and Dances Region: United States Starring: Hugh Jackman, Zach Efron, Zandaya Coleman, Michelle Williams Introduction: 'The Strongest on Earth The Show is a biographical film directed by Michael Gracie and starring Hugh Jackman. It was released in North America on December 25, 2017. Phineas Taylor Barnum (Phineas Taylor Barnum, 1810-1991) is an American circus agent and performer. Before him, various circus stunts, clown juggling, magic or animal performances had already taken shape, but Barnum was the first person to integrate them into a complete performance, so he was regarded as the originator of the circus. His P.T Barnum circus is the most popular American circus in the 19th century, known as The Greatest Show on Earth. Nani? You don’t like European and American ones? It doesn’t matter, the movie of our great celestial dynasty can also give you a feast for your eyes...The Legend of the Demon Cat will be released on December 22, 2017 Genre: Fantasy Region: Mainland China Starring: Huang Xuan Somegu General Zhang Yuqi Liu Haoran Zhang Rongrong Introduction: 'The Legend of the Demon Cat' '' is a film directed by Chen Kaige and screenwriter Wang Huiling. It is adapted from the magical novel 'The Ghost Banquet of the Tang Dynasty in the ShamenhaiThe movie 'The Legend of the Demon Cat' tells the story of the invasion of the demon cat in the mansion of Jin Wuwei and Chen Yunqiao in the late Tang Dynasty, and the city of Chang'an is shrouded in a weird atmosphere. The poet Bai Letian was ordered to investigate the matter and got acquainted with the monk Kukai. The two of them went deep and deep, gradually restoring a historical truth that shocked the world. Machine Blood Released on December 22, 2017 Genre: Action Science Fiction Region: Mainland China Starring: Jackie Chan, Luo Zhixiang, Ouyang Nana, Xia Hou Yunshan Introduction: 'Blood of Machine' mainly tells about Lin Dong's involvement in a witness protection plan Cases that have nothing to do with him have become victims of huge conspiracies that cannot be controlled. Many years later, with the upcoming publication of a masterpiece of science fiction, stories of all parties involved in the struggle have surfaced one after another. God of War Released on December 22, 2017 Genre: History of War Region: Mainland China Starring: William Chan, Lin Yun, Hu Jun, Li Guangjie, Zhang Xinyi, Ni Dahong, Basen Zabubayin Introduction: 'The God of War' was originally called 'The Legend of Temujin' by a French director. ·Jacques Arnold is the producer, Mongolian director Haszhaolu is directed, Li Shengda is the executive director, Chen Weiting, Lin Yun, Hu Jun, Li Guangjie, Zhang Xinyi, Ni Dahong, Basenzabu, Bayin, Tumen, Yongmei, Zhao Lixin, etc. co-star. It tells about Weng Jira's tribe under the shining sun, young Temujin and the daughter of the tribe leader, Bertie, had little guesswork, but the bad news that his father should die soon broke this good time, and Temujin returned to his hometown. Unexpectedly, his father's old Tali suddenly robbed him of the fire and took the entire tribe away...what, do you want to meet your friends to feast your eyes on? Follow us and we will have good movie recommendations! 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