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Cinema projector screen selecting guide to ease your shopping hustle

Cinema projector screen selecting guide to ease your shopping hustle


There exist hundreds of projector screens in the market today. It is clearly impossible to start listing them down in names and numbers. If you are looking for a cinema projector screen, what are the things you should consider when selecting? The first step is to understand the different options available in the market. This article will guide you in choosing the best projector screen. The below-selecting guide will be of much help to you.

1. Projector Screen type

The first important step will be choosing the screen type that suits cinema needs. This comes down from how you mount it all the way to screen retraction. There are several factors to consider when choosing a projector screen type:

a) The permanency of the cinema projector screen. If you want a permanent projector screen, then fixed, electric or manual projectors will be the best choice.

b) The retraction method you are looking for. You can opt for a projector that descends and retract by the push of a button, for example, motorized projector screen (electric) or those that retract by a pull of the screen's handle that is the manual pull down projector.

2. Projector Screen Material

Make the decision on the screen material based on the viewing requirements and the environment of set up. Some materials will do well in darkness while others are ideal in a room that has light. Other materials can provide other features such as a wider viewing angle. For a permanent projector screen, it is advisable to choose one that is made of durable material.

3. Projector screen fabric

Right after you are done with selecting the type, you need to choose a fabric that suits the job. Different fabrics handle different environments and applications. When choosing a screen fabric, it is important to consider the screen brightness and the viewing angle of the fabric. As the brightness goes up, the viewing angle goes down. Understanding this will help you make the most use of your equipment within the environment required. When it comes to the fabric color, in most cases the preferred is white fabric due to brightness.

Transparency of the fabric should be acoustic (allows sound to pass through without interference)

Nowadays, more screens are coming out that allow high resolution viewing. This types of screens call for high definition fabric as well. An HD fabric is a fabric that controls the ambient light in order to give out the best picture quality possible.  

4. Projector Screen size

The next decision to make after selecting the screen and the type will be selecting the aspect ratio of the screen. There are so many standard formats available. The task will be selecting the one that suits to serve as a cinema projector screen size. If you get stuck along the way, consult the dealer or the seller for help and advice on the best size.

5. Projector screen accessories

Accessories should of course match with your new screen. To complete the projection set up, the most important accessories will be the projector mounts, cables, mounting brackets and remotes. Those are the major accessories that a projector can't do without. Some projectors come with other additional accessories that play other functionalities.

6. Projector screen color

The color of the screen affects the contrast of the projected images. White screens are common ones nowadays. Gray screens are better when it comes to darker tones. Gray screens also prove to be better than white screens when it comes to controlling ambient light as they reflect less light. Gray screens, however, require more powerful projectors that compensate their darker shade.  

In conclusion:

The above points are very important when deciding which projector will be ideal for cinema viewing. Once you have internalized the key points you should be able to identify what you actually need in a projection screen. The selecting guide is simply a recommendation to guide you through the purchasing process of the cinema projector. You are allowed to deviate from them depending on your preferences and situation. Once you are ready to buy one, just have a look at what different stores got to offer. Importantly, consider your personal needs, the environment and the situation you are in before you make the purchase.

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