Citizens buy 100-inch color TVs for 500,000 yuan and spend 6 hours hanging them into their homes-XY

Citizens buy 100-inch color TVs for 500,000 yuan and spend 6 hours hanging them into their homes

by:XY Screens     2022-02-13
Recently, Ms. Zhu, a consumer who lives in Xuhui District, Shanghai, bought a large TV. Because the color TV was too large, she had to lift it to her home. A few months ago, Ms. Zhu wanted to add a big TV to the large living room of her new home. In the end, she got a photo with a certain brand of a 100-inch big TV. The 'measurements' of this big TV are amazing (2580x890x1870mm, close to a volume of up to 3 cubic meters) : The price is 500,000 yuan, the difference is one yuan, and the weight is 295 kilograms.

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Ms. Zhu lives on the 11th floor. Because the TV is too large, it can neither be accessed through the door nor transported by elevator. After checking and measuring at the door, the merchant gave a plan for hanging the steel rope basket from the balcony into the home. According to this installation plan, first use a 3-ton forklift to unload the 100-inch large color TV from the transport truck, and then manually use the manual forklift to move the equipment to the hoisting place; then set up the chain hoist on the balcony of the 15th floor and the 16th floor. The word rod is used as a lifting point, and when the TV is hoisted to the balcony on the 11th floor, it is transported to the living room and placed in place.

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On the morning of May 27, Ms. Zhu was waiting at home early. More than 20 people started from 10 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoon to complete the installation and commissioning of the TV, which took 6 hours in total. The relevant person in charge of the merchant said, 'The cost of the TV installation is high, up to 20,000 yuan, but it does not need to be borne by the customer.'

Seeing here, traditional large-size TVs are expensive, and living room theaters (ultra-short-throw laser projectors u0026 Xiongyun ultra-short-throw anti-light screens) are also large-size (100 inches or 120 inches), which can be comparable to TV effects. The quality reaches 4K.
The living room theater uses ultra-short throw projection. Under such a short projection distance, it is inevitable to use geometric or keystone correction to correct the edge distortion of the projected picture. But this will cause the reduction of the picture pixels, thereby reducing the actual display resolution of the picture, making the picture unable to achieve point-to-point display, and it is easy to cause the details of the edge to be blurred. By increasing the overall resolution of the picture, the impact of this problem can be minimized. In the actual viewing process, even when geometric correction is used, the problem of blurring of details on the edge of the picture is less, and most of the picture area can maintain a fairly sharp image.

In addition to the fact that the living room theater does not emit electromagnetic radiation like ordinary flat-screen TVs, it can also effectively avoid the interference of external light on the projection screen, so that the projection screen can still retain good colors and colors when the lights are turned on. The details left a deep impression. It also has Internet TV functions. It uses an intelligent control system and has 15,000+ movies, 150,000+ episodes of TV series, 73,000+ episodes of animation, plus variety shows, animation, documentaries and other resources, and the cumulative video duration exceeds 1 million+ hours.

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