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column: elections bring out politicians\' keen abilities to talk nonsense

by:XY Screens     2020-02-20
The story was written by Bo Elliott, a daily publication of the presidential campaign.
We\'re not talking about astrology here.
At least I don\'t think we are.
But when we talk about politics, it\'s hard to say what we\'re talking about (
Guide the spirit of Raymond Carver).
We might as well talk about plasma physics and it turns out that few of us can do that. I, however (
Guide the spirit of Sarah Palin)
Since I used to be a plasma donor, I can talk about plasma physics.
Meanwhile, back in the presidential race, Barack Obama backed a $3 million \"dedicated\" projector.
\"At least that\'s what John McCain said.
Oh, those terrible ear marks.
Will they never end? (
Although, I have to admit that I leave ear marks on the pillow every night.
I\'m trying to do better. I promise. )
Popular live news: Tony Award deadly crane collapse trophy hunting documentary Women\'s World Cup and $3 million projector?
What is Obama thinking?
Well, it turns out it\'s not exactly a projector. (
It turns out that so many lives are not a projector.
Did you notice it? )
Actually, it\'s a new planet.
Projection system in the world
Chicago\'s famous Adler Planetarium, the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, is also part of a $10 million renovation project in addition to federal, state and city funding.
The Adler used its old planet.
The projection system for 40 years, as you might expect, is out of date.
So, as Johnny groom suggests, it\'s not exactly a \"projector\", as you might find in elementary or middle school classrooms.
By the way, China recently renovated a planetarium in Beijing for millions of dollars. -
As you might expect, all of this is paid by the government.
According to the head of the Adler Planetarium, the cost of the renovation (
Helpful for Project)
Much more than the cost of Adler\'s renovation.
If McCain is serious about pursuing funding, why do you think he never mentioned the $0. 25 billion federal funding that Palin is pursuing?
It sounds a bit like socialism to me.
But I forget --
Obama is a socialist.
I mean, Sarah groom has been telling us that Obama wants to redistribute wealth through the tax system. The horror.
Except, of course, that\'s the key to progressive income --
The tax system, which has been the land law of the United States since the constitutional amendment was approved in February. 3, 1913.
I\'m not sure if I can get the clock back to February.
1913 is the change we need.
Maybe someone can bring this up to Palin.
It\'s not that Alaska firecrackers are the only firecrackers to throw the word \"socialism\" everywhere.
Republican challenger Christopher Reid, Senator of Iowa
Tom Harkin described the $700 billion economy.
The rescue programs supported by the Bush administration and most members of Congress are \"socialism\" and \"Wall Street assistance \".
Yeah, you know. -
It will be \"Wall Street,\" and like Wall Street, this well-known socialist organization has been vandalizing the American path for decades, or even longer.
Thank God Reid for figuring it out (
In the case of a British word that clearly came from a socialist country, despite Margaret Thatcher
Expose these socialists hidden in lower Manhattan Canyon and plan to overthrow the American way.
Reid also accused the \"high\" fuel costs of \"radical environmental activists (
Somehow, missing the fact that oil prices are the lowest in a year, gasoline prices have fallen 53 cents per gallon over the past two weeks ---
Hello, what are you paying attention? quite-
An important candidate in the Senate? )
Some radical environmental activists say no state will be built with any new refineries.
Not exactly. U. S.
At present, the refinery\'s production capacity is far from enough. In any case, it is expected that about eight refineries will be put into production next year and a half.
\"Radical eco-activists\" have caused high fuel costs.
Reid\'s campaign appeared to be in trouble in July.
It\'s almost November. he should be notified.
Of course, Reid also accused Harkin of being \"the Tokyo Rose for al-Qaida and terrorism in the Middle East,\" so it\'s easy to know that he\'s still one or two lugs nut away from a full wheel.
Well, at least it\'s not a campaign for governor Montana, where a candidate has to defend himself in order not to be accused of being a vegan. No, really.
This is what we talk about when we talk about politics.
I\'m going out and staring at the stars until my eyes get dull.
Then everything will become clear.
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