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Come and participate in the once-in-a-century penalty shootout!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
Go to the homepage of the screen microsite and click on 'penalty kick' to join the battle! Activity time: June 27, 2014-July 31, 2014 1. Each person has 5 shots per day, each invites a friend to get 1 shot, and each kick scores 1 point, and so on . 2. Each time a friend is invited to get 1 shot opportunity, the number of assists will increase by 1.3. There will be two awards in the event, ranked according to the score, first prize: 1 prize, second prize: 2 prizes, third prize: 5 prizes Commemorative prize: 10 first prize: 1 beach chair; second prize: 1 human backpack; third prize: 1 snowman notebook; commemorative prize: 1 human cultural shirt. Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. WeChat ID: SNOWHITE20020909 The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the company! Service Hotline: 4000003925
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