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Company Trip to Zhuhai Hope Island


From August 17th to 18th of 2018, XY Screens has organized a company trip to the Hope Island in Zhuhai.


Located at southwest Zhuhai, Hope Island is a small island with 13 square kilometers. Its clear water, pure sand and beautiful sight attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. Here you can enjoy the sea, the beach, experience the cabins, camping, etc., to have a relaxing holiday.

On the day of departure, although it was really hot, XY Screens staffs were still in a high mood.

Although the weather was sometimes rainy and sometimes sunny, the beach were still wonderful. It is very long, the sand is very delicate. All of us happily dabbled in water.

When it became dark, the lights are lit on the shore, we were going to have barbecue after dinner, and we have built a karaoke platform on the shore with our XY fast fold screen, which makes the evening more excited and attracted a lot of tourists, including the island owner. 

When the activity was over, the island owner appreciated our warm atmosphere and whats more he kindly requested to buy the projector and projection screen from us.