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Compared with traditional LED displays, why are LED sky screens popular with the public?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
LED sky screen is a new type of supporting display large screen for the decoration of city landmark buildings such as commercial real estate. With the continuous expansion of the LED sky screen market, its value in commercial real estate has also been widely recognized by the industry. So, what are the technical requirements for the LED sky screen during the installation process?   Compared with traditional LED display projects, LED sky screens have higher requirements for manufacturers' technology and installation and maintenance. From design, manufacturing to engineering installation, the test is the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. Moreover, the requirements for material use, structural methods, control performance, technical structure, construction and maintenance are strict, requiring the integration of sound and light technology and architectural aesthetic design into the project to achieve interlacing light and shadow and lingering vocal music.  1) Lightweight and transparent    Because the LED sky screen project area is generally very large, it is installed by hoisting method, which is a test of the load-bearing structure. Therefore, the LED sky screen design is required to be light and thin. In addition, the design is required to have a beautiful appearance to add luster to the entire canopy implementation process.  2) Easy to use  The easier the operation, including maintenance, debugging, and use. Lightweight product design can reduce labor costs during subsequent installation and maintenance, and make the entire process more efficient.  3) Standard modular design  For the needs of manufacturing, the LED canopy box needs a certain size. If the box is too large, it will be difficult to produce and transport. The standardized design of the LED sky screen box can make the LED display original, power supply, control, and unit structure integrated, which is easy to age, debug, transport and install.   LED sky screen is installed on the ceiling of the building to play the role of rendering, decoration and lighting. Generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobbies, commercial pedestrian streets, urban central squares and other large buildings on the ceiling, large area, light weight, and different shapes. At present, a new type of transparent LED sky screen has appeared on the market, which is lighter and more transparent. , More magical! During the day, the screen can present a translucent visual effect, and good lighting can see the blue sky and white clouds; at night, you can play beautiful videos under the bright starry sky, accompanied by wonderful sound effects, bringing people a shocking visual feast .
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