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Comprehensive interpretation, turning the living room into a perfect home theater

by:XY Screens     2021-09-22
For most consumers who want to experience the visual shock of the 100-inch large screen, it is undoubtedly the best choice to use a projector in the living room to set up a home theater system that combines watching movies, listening to music, and gaming entertainment. It is in line with our traditional viewing and listening methods and habits; secondly, it is undoubtedly the best choice to make use of the existing space, purchase suitable equipment, and carry out certain decorations. Feeling comfortable is undoubtedly the best choice. Since we have chosen to set up a home theater system in the living room, what problems should we pay attention to before purchasing projection, audio, cables, and projection screens? Today, I will discuss with you how to build a perfect home theater system in a typical living room of about 20 square meters. Usually, for a living room of 20 square meters, it is not suitable to be equipped with the top equipment. That is not only the high cost, but the fundamental reason is that after spending so much money, you can’t get the best results that the top equipment should perform. , And according to the cases provided to us by enthusiastic netizens, it is found that spending 20,000 to 50,000 yuan is enough to build a very good home theater system. Therefore, in the choice of equipment, we should consider those brands with good reputation and price. It is also a very real mid-range product. Determine the budget. Before we formally build the theater, the first thing we need to do is to plan what type of products to purchase according to the existing indoor length and width area, home layout, and style. For example, for a living room of 20 square meters, if you can watch Position, the distance from the projection screen can be guaranteed 3.5 meters-about 4 meters, then it is very suitable to buy a 1080P high-definition projection and a 100-inch screen combination, on the contrary, if the viewing distance is less than 3 meters, then you will It is found that 720P projection and 1080P projection projected on a 100-inch projection screen are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. At this time, choosing 1080P will lose its meaning. After selecting the model, if you want to get the best visual effect, you need to choose a good screen at this time. As we all know, the two main technologies currently used in home projection on the market are 3LCD and DLP, among which 3LCD The advantage is that due to the use of independent LCD panels for the three primary colors of red, green and blue, the brightness and contrast of each color channel can be adjusted individually, so the color of the projection screen is more real, natural, soft and smooth. Of course, 3LCD projection is not perfect. It also has the shortcomings of not deep black level and insufficient black purity. At this time, if users want to further enhance the black expressive power of 3LCD, we can choose a gray screen. The benefits of gray screen are not only In addition to making the black darker, it can also increase the display contrast. In addition, the gray screen has the effect of resisting the reflected light of the environment. If your home theater is set up in a living room with not very dark light, you can choose a gray screen. And DLP projector, because its color expression is slightly weaker than 3LCD, so we recommend that you choose a white screen to improve the vividness and realism of the colors. Next, we have to choose audio equipment and cables. Considering that we cannot turn the living room into a professional audio-visual room level, we really don’t need to be too 'fever' in the choice of audio equipment, and most experienced netizens also Tell us that in the living room where space and conditions are relatively limited, a set of mid-range high-fidelity speakers plus a power amplifier with stable signal distribution and transmission can guarantee to bring us the kind of immersive blockbusters and exciting games. It is shocking, and it can also meet our needs for listening to pop, rock, classical, symphony and other different music. Therefore, we must do our best to purchase audio, and we must not blindly pursue that kind of tens of thousands or even ten thousand. More than 10,000 devices. Finally, as for the choice of wire, since it is directly related to the stable transmission of video and audio signals, I hereby suggest that users, even if the price is slightly more expensive, must choose high-quality wires with guaranteed quality, because only in this way, It helps the playback device to play the best effect. The era when the TV dominates the living room is quietly passing away. The addition of projectors, HTPC, and Blu-ray makes our living room gradually enter the '2.0 era'. After a busy work, make a cup of tea or coffee and move the remote control. You can share the entertainment time with your family in the private theater. It’s so pleasant to come here.
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