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Comprehensive report on practical PK activities in the screen workshop

by:XY Screens     2021-08-13
1. Overview: The screen democratic life meeting and the second employee PK event were held on June 7th in the factory workshop. PK includes two parts: team product production practice and personal PK. (Team groups: Snow Leopards, Sirius, Blood Wolves, Wild Wolves, Overflight Team.) 1. Team PK details: (1) All members participate, and each team selects personnel in accordance with the production line. For the operation positions of each actual operator in the group, a team member can only have one position and may not participate in other positions; (2) During production, strictly follow the process flow (2 points are deducted each time if the process requirements are not followed); (3) Operation Pay attention to the production quality of the product during the process; (4) Pay attention to the production speed under the premise of ensuring the quality. 2. Individual PK rules: (1) Each team selects an outstanding person to perform PK. (2) It will be conducted in the form of a written test, which will last for 15 minutes. (3) PK content is: a. The company’s corporate culture; b. Basic product knowledge. 2. Scoring criteria: A. Team PK evaluation: total quality score: 20 efficiency score criteria: first place, 15 points; second place, 10 points; third place, 5 points (judging criteria: the top three of the total quality score Name, the appraisal is in chronological order). B. Personal PK evaluation: Normal performance points + attendance + written test points. Rewards: 1. Team: first prize, second prize, third prize. The bonus is distributed according to the 5:3:2 ratio of the total. 2. Individual: first prize, second prize, third prize. 4. PK scene: 5. Team PK results: First place: Snow Leopards, Jin Xumin (captain), Wang Shiyao (deputy captain), Lei Wen (instructor); second place: Sirius, Liu Mingsheng (captain), Huang Yao (Deputy Captain); Third Place: Snow Wolf Team. Liang Maosen (captain) Huang Danfeng (deputy captain) Hu Liping (instructor).
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